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Battling Winter Depression: Ideas to Cope

31 Ene 2015 – 11:53 PM EST

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The days are short and the nights are long and it’s right about this time of year that our moods spiral down and it can affect our whole lives. It’s no surprise that the cold can bring us deep into a winter depression, what with their promise of a never-ending cold and a flu bug or two, but in order to battle back you better have something in your arsenal to combat winter depression when it hits. It’s important to remember that not everybody can cure their winter depression with these tips. If you suffer from Seasonal Affective Disorder, see a physician for help with symptoms. Otherwise, If you find yourself caught up in winter depression try these activities to feel a little brighter.

  • Get your sport on. If you can spend your weekend skiing, snowshoeing or even sliding with your kids you’ll feel a lot better about the winter months. Getting some fresh air and sunshine, even in the winter months can be of great benefit to your health and your mood. Who knows, maybe you’ll start looking forward to winter if you’re hitting the slopes every weekend. We won’t tell if you spend all weekend drinking hot cocoa in the lodge.
  • Find your inner artist. Relax, even if you have little to no artistic prowess you can certainly find a hobby to get you through the winter months. Remember, there are no rules in the art world, so if you spring for a canvas, a few brushes and some paints you might find you’re more creative than you thought. Hey, maybe you’ll find your new calling.
  • Misery loves company. Don’t face the long winter months alone. Gather up some friends and make it a weekly event to get together. It doesn’t matter if you call it “Book Club” or “Girl’s Night In”. Just make sure you schedule some time with good friends and good food to get you through to Spring time. At the very least you’ll be spending more time with the people that matter. It’s kind of win/win, right?
  • Burn baby burn. Maybe this comes across as bad news but the facts are in; burning calories is great for your health. Get moving and start some kind of exercise regime (well, maybe regime is a strong word, let’s try routine). Create endorphins and say goodbye to the winter blues. You might create some habits that are worth keeping yearlong. Get in shape, to boot.
  • Do some good. When we do good we feel good. There are likely many opportunities in your community to get your charity on so get out there and do some good for someone less fortunate. There is little that warms your heart more than doing for others.

Winter is tough but if you have a plan you can get ahead of it. It’s going to be a long haul so be prepared for those dark nights and early mornings. Don’t let the frigid temperatures freeze you out. Use these tips to warm your heart and your soul and Spring will be here before you know it.