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7 Things You Can Do After You Win the Lottery

7 Ago 2015 – 12:47 PM EDT

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When you win the lottery you’re going to need a plan of action. Otherwise, you might spend all of that money on latte’s and a sink that pours wine instead of water. Before you make some seriously foolish decision with all that cash please read these incredibly clever and insightful ideas on how to blow the dough.

Buy an unreasonably large yacht

When you win the lottery you don’t go on a cruise; you buy the yacht. Then you invite all your friends for a sail and wear a clever shirt that says: “Don’t judge the captain by the size of his dinghy.” This will likely win you more friends. If you’re really keen you can wear a captain’s hat and ask that you be called “Cappy”.

Pay off Your Student Debt in dimes

You may have enough money to send a stronger message to these ruthless collectors but in the interest of keeping you out of jail it might be best if you just collect every cent you owe them and deliver it via bags of dimes to their doorstep. Then, you can stand tall and look those heartless creeps in the eyes and say, “Paid in Full!”

Buy an Island and declare yourself Emperor

When you win the lottery you should immediately find a suitable island. Maybe there are Realtors that specialize in this type of thing. You’ll have to do a little of the leg work yourself. Purchase the island and declare yourself ruler of all things living on your island. Maybe you could use your yacht to take your friends to your island for your coronation.

Pay off a stranger’s medical bills anonymously

This one is going to feel even better than being the Emperor of your own island. Do a little research, (or a hire someone else to do that because you’ve got money now) and find a deserving family in need of a little financial help when they are going through some of the hardest times ever. Pay the bill and then drive off pretending you are Batman. You can even whisper, “Gotham needs me” as you pull away if it makes you feel better.

Start a charity for cats

Just do something nice for our feline friends. Did you know some cats are not getting twenty hours of sleep a day? Even worse, some of those kitties don’t live in homes where people worship them the way the Egyptians intended. Be the person that refuses to live in a world where even one kitty goes to bed lonely.

Build a house with a moat

House, castle, whatever. Just build something giant and protect it with a totally medieval moat. Add a drawbridge and the whole nine yards for effect. Then sit back and watch the FedEx man try to deliver your packages. Adding alligators is not suggested but maybe a few soldiers could stand outside the castle doors just to be sure that no one sneaks in.

Buy and rename a sports team

Choose your team and make an offer. Once you’re the official owner go wild with the name. The Super Sparkly Starshines sounds nice for a baseball team. What about The Fluttebys for a Football team? Can you do any better?