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5 Ways to Keep the Summer Fun Alive After School Starts

8 Ago 2015 – 12:00 PM EDT

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Just because kids go back to school doesn’t mean the summer fun has to end! Despite the brutal Florida heat, I loved summer as a kid and I love it as adult. Even when I worked outside of the home and my daughter spent her summer days at day camp, I still relished the freedom from homework, school politics, snack rotation and the early morning rush to get everything in the backpack.

Summer break is a vacation for both kids and parents (not to mention those poor teachers!). Keep the feelings of joy and freedom going by occasionally adding one or more fun summer activities into your rotation.

Wear your bathing suit under your clothes. Send everyone off to school and work with their bathing suit on under their clothes. Not brave enough to go to work with a bikini under your business suit or risk a potty accident from trying to break free of your one piece? Just stick bathing suits in backpacks or purses. Head straight to the beach, pool, river, lake, etc. for a late afternoon swim before dinner when school and work ends.

Make s’mores. This is a great summer activity to carry over into fall and winter, especially if you have a fire place. No fireplace? No problem! You can roast marshmallows in the toaster oven. We tried roasting them over a candle once, but discovered we didn’t have the patience.

Have a floor picnic. Serve up your family’s favorite summer foods – like hot dogs and popscicles – from a blanket in the living room. No talk of school or work allowed! Make plans for next summer instead. What water park do you want to attend? What will you plant in the garden?

Play outside. Summer is all about long bike rides, play dates at the park and running around the front yard. Don’t let that fun escape. You just might have to adjust when you do it. Get in a quick game of catch before you load up in the car in the morning or swing by the playground on your way home from school.

Chill on on the weekends. It’s easy to let your schedule get filled up quickly when school starts back. There are soccer games, dance lessons, football practice, sleepovers, birthday parties and more. Be mindful of what you say yes to so there is enough time to relax and be together as a family.

What will you do to keep the summer fun going? Let us know in the comments below.