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5 Sharable Summer recipes for kids

4 Ago 2014 – 02:15 PM EDT

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Holidays and birthdays aren’t the only time to give. This summer make shareable treats to give to your family and friends!

Make summer fun in the kitchen. From beverages to treats on the go, get your kids in the kitchen for hands on learning! Get creative and have fun making these five summer recipes for kids!

Give summer drinks a twist with this Watermelon cooler. Kids will love the delicious sweet taste of raspberries and watermelon. It’s fresh and so delicious. Kids will enjoy working with these fruits to get a bright colored beverage.

Just 5 ingredients for a delicious summer treat on the go! Kids will enjoy mixing and learning to measure all the ingredients. The results are so delicious kids will definitely have a hard time sharing this summer treat!

Make summer reading much more fun with these Dr Seuss inspired Chocolate Pretzels. Pair them up with a book for a simple yet fun gift for friends and neighbors.

Cookies aren’t just great for Christmas Try giving these delicious cookie recipes a summer twist with different color sprinkles and coloring. The key is to try bright colors and use different cookie cutters! The tie-dye cookies are always a great hit!

Trail Mix

This is one of our favorite and easiest summer snacks. We just love making big batches of trail mix. It is guaranteed to be a winner because the recipe can always change. Add cereal, nuts, dried fruits for the ultimate trail mix to a container, give it a shake and all done!

What will you make in the kitchen this summer? Share your favorite summer recipes for kids with us!