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5 Easy, Homemade Valentine’s to Make Tonight

Love is in the air. February 14 will soon be here.
11 Feb 2016 – 09:43 AM EST

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Love is in the air. February 14 will soon be here. Why not go with a homemade Valentine card this year instead of store bought? Your children’s friends will love having something different and it’s a great family activity you can all do together.

Here are some fun ideas with ideas for treats to include. All you need is paper – either colored or plain ‘ol white. Either create the Valentines on the computer using Clipart or your own images or have your child draw the illustrations by hand.

“You rock!”

Include a picture of a cartoon figure jamming out on guitar. Bonus points if you have a photo of your child dressed as a rock star to put on the valentine card. (Maybe make time for an impromtu photo shoot?) Attach the card to a package of Pop Rocks candy. (Use a whole punch and ribbon if you wan to be fancy, but tape works just as well.)

“You make my day pop!”

Use fun comic book style lettering, especiallly on the word “pop.” (If your kid’s are handwriting them, just make sure they don’t throw in an extra “o”!) Give each child a blow pop, package of Pop-tarts or individual serving bag of popcorn with the Valentine cards.

“You’re sweet.”

The picture can be of anything sweet – candy, cupcakes, puppies, unicorns, etc. Any sort of sweet treat goes great with this. Go with your child’s favorite candy, your LEAST favorite candy (so you aren’t tempted to eat the whole bag!) or whatever’s on sale this week. Cookies, cupcakes or brownies are also great (either homemade or store bought).

“You really sparkle.”

A picture of diamonds or fireworks will get the point across. This one is great if you want to provide a non-food treat. Go with something glittery like stickers or pencils.

“You’re the cat’s meow.”

Have your child draw a cat, include a photo of your own fur-baby or find a cute kitten picture online. Kitties are so cute you may be able to get away without a treat with this one!

You and your child will have a blast making their own homemade Valentine cards. Write their names on the back and you’re done.

Do you like Valentine’s Day? What do you do to celebrate love?