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3 Ways To Teach Your Kids To Pay It Forward

3 Abr 2014 – 01:53 AM EDT

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If you have never heard of the phrase “pay it forward”, it simply refers to when someone performs a random act of kindness after they have received the same treatment from someone else. When you are presented with a random act of kindness, you do not turn around and repay the kind individual. You pass it on so that it continues to flow from one person to another. It is about passing on the kindness with the sole purpose of spreading love and care throughout the world.

It is very important to teach kids how to pay it forward in life, to be grateful and to appreciate the love, kindness and care they already have in their lives. There are several ways you can teach your kids to pay it forward to others in need.

A Small Gesture Goes A Long Way

When it comes to kids, paying it forward doesn’t have to be some major act of kindness. It can be simple acts and small gestures. What about teaching them to share more? Teaching your kids to share some of their lunch when they see one of their peers does not have a lunch is a great example of being kind to others and paying it forward.

Everyday acts of kindness can be anything small, such as helping an elderly lady walk across the street safely, holding the door open for people, carrying groceries for someone who is weighed down with bags or drawing the teacher a nice picture to brighten her or his day and so forth. Small acts of kindness, the offering of compassion and giving of ourselves can turn someone’s negative experience into a positive one.

Contribute To A Charitable Cause

Kids learn well and understand the world more when they are involved in hands on projects that have a solid purpose. Teach your kids to pay it forward by giving them the chance to work for a day at a food bank, a World Hunger Association or in a homeless shelter. Show them that many kids around the world do not have enough food to survive and that they can help by chipping in and lending a hand. Volunteering at a charity is also a great way for a family to bond while spreading some goodness in the world.

Donate As A Family

Getting donations together for other less fortunate kids is a great way to teach your kids about paying it forward. Ask your kids to get some items from their room, clothing and anything else they may want to donate to kids that are not as fortunate as them. By donating to others in need, your kids will learn the importance of giving and how it can change another person’s life for the better.

There are hundreds of ways that kids can pay it forward and the sooner that your kids learn how to do this on a regular basis, the sooner they will learn to appreciate what they have within their own lives.