Iván Aragón is 'Quino' in 'El Chapo'

He is the eldest son of Joaquin 'El Chapo' Guzman and Alejandra, his first wife.

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After first meeting him as a ten-year old in Season 1, the son of ' El Chapo' and Alejandra returns in Season 2 at the age of 19.

When his brother, 'El Moreno' the next in the line of succession, dies, 'Quino' argues he is worthy of that position in his own right.

However, after his father’s arrest, others disagree, leading to conflicting relationships with other members of the cartel, including Ismael, threatening to hopelessly divide the whole operation.

The character of ‘El Güero’ is a breaking point in drug lords’ ways of settling scores
Heriberto 'El Güero' Palma followed the orders of Miguel Ángel, ‘El Jefe de Jefes’, leader of the Guadalajara cartel. Univision Story House
‘El Güero’ was boss in the border city of San Luis Río Colorado, Sonora. He handled cocaine crossings to the United States. Univision Story House
He teamed up with Joaquín ‘El Chapo’ Guzmán Loera to move Pablo Escobar’s merchandise from Colombia to the US. Together, they had a tunnel built right under the Mexican-American border and they suc... Univision Story House
Their partnership became closer after Ramón Avedaño, one of the Tijuana cartel leaders, murdered Armando López, ‘El Rayo’. Univision Story House
'El Chapo' and 'El Güero' ambushed the Avedaño brothers, who managed to escape the violent shooting. Univision Story House
After a few intense confrontations, Benjamín and Ramón Avendaño came up with an evil plan to intimidate ‘El Chapo’ and teach him a lesson. Their perverse scheme changed the unspoken rules of drug t... Univision Story House
The Avendaños sent a handsome hitman called Rafael ‘El Buen Mozo’ to seduce Guadalupe, ‘El Güero’ Palma’s wife, and convince her to run away with him. Univision Story House
Guadalupe took her children and escaped with her lover. She didn’t imagine that ‘El Buen Mozo’ had a trap waiting for her: the Avedaños’ hitman cut her throat in bed Univision Story House
Later, 'El Buen Mozo' threw Heriberto ‘El Güero’ Palma’s children from a bridge. Univision Story House
‘El Güero’ received Guadalupe’s head in a cooler, along with a video of his children’s death. Univision Story House
By killing ‘El Güero’s wife and children, the Avedaños broke the unspoken rule of leaving families alone. This crime unleashed El Chapo’s fury and changed how drug lords settle scores. Univision Story House
“Weeds must be removed from the root, everyone should know better than to play with us”, said Ramón Avedaño to justify the crime. Univision Story House
Blood asks for blood. ‘El Buen Mozo’ was imprisoned and murdered in his cell. Each crime brought less rules and more violence. Univision Story House
‘El Chapo’ asked Ismael, boss of the Sinaloa territory, to help him plan an ambush to kill the Avedaño brothers in a Puerto Vallarta nightclub. Univision Story House
Ismael arranged a meeting with the Avedaño brothers in a crowded nightclub called ‘Christine’, where a commando of El Chapo’s heavily armed men stormed in to carry out his orders. Univision Story House
Ramón managed to escape through the bathroom window, but his younger brother, ‘El Lobito’, was captured. Univision Story House
‘El Chapo’ spared ‘El Lobito’s life, but his insatiable thirst for revenge and lust for power kept him busy getting ready for settling scores with his enemies once and for all. Univision Story House
El Chapo’s plans were thwarted when his enemies carried out the assassination of Cardinal Juan Jesús Posadas. They also meant to take him out of the equation, but he was merely incriminated as the ... Univision Story House
In season two of ‘El Chapo’, he gets ready to vanquish his enemies. The struggle for power will be full of ambition, treason and blood. Don’t miss the premiere on Sunday, September 17th, at 10pm/9C... Univision Story House