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These are the U.S. cities where Venezuelans can vote in Sunday's plebiscite

The opposition has set up more than 120 polling stations where Venezuelans can express whether they agree with Maduro's Constituent Assembly and whether they want a general election. Here's what you need to participate in the plebiscite from abroad.
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13 Jul 2017 – 01:09 PM EDT
As of Wednesday, there were 126 voting locations set up.

The Venezuelan opposition will face the government of President Nicolás Maduro this Sunday, but in a much different form than the protests flooding the streets of Venezuelan cities for more than 100 days.

On this occasion the National Assembly has used its parliamentary majority to call a plebiscite, in which Venezuelans will vote for whether they approve or reject the Constituent Assembly promoted by Maduro and if they want general elections. Venezuelans are set to elect more than 500 representatives to the assembly on July 30, which will be tasked with rewriting the 1999 Constitution. Through the assembly, Maduro has said he plans to “annihilate” his detractors, close parliament and design a custom state.

The opposition has branded the assembly as "fraudulent" and wants a "government of national unity."

Although Sunday's plebiscite will not be binding because it does not have the endorsement and organization of the National Electoral Council (CNE), it's intended to express voter opposition to Maduro.

All Venezuelans over 18 can vote. The opposition has arranged polling stations in some 200 cities in 78 countries.

In the U.S. alone, more than 126 polling stations have been set up in different cities, which gives a sense of the scope of Venezuelan migration to the United States.

Where is voting taking place?

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What is being voted on?

The three questions that voters will find on the ballot are:

1. Do you reject and ignore the formation of a Constituent Assembly proposed by Nicolás Maduro, without the prior approval of the people of Venezuela? Yes or no?

2. Do you demand the National Armed Forces and all public officials obey and defend the Constitution of 1999, and support the decisions of the National Assembly? Yes or no?

3. Do you approve of the renewal of public powers in accordance with the provisions of the Constitution and the holding of free and transparent elections, as well as the formation of a government of national unity to restore constitutional order? Yes or no?

What's needed to vote abroad?

Venezuelans who wish to vote at the polling stations in hundreds of cities in 78 countries must present their identity card or official document proving their Venezuelan nationality, such as their passport.

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