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Miami police make their biggest-ever cash bust during drug raid

Authorities recovered at least $24 million in cash in the home of a suspected marijuana trafficker.
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29 Jun 2016 – 05:07 PM EDT

Miami police recovered at least $24 million during a drug bust. (Miami Dade Police)

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Miami-Dade police made its largest cash seizure in history yesterday inside the home of a suspected marijuana trafficker. Authorities recovered at least $24 million and are still counting the money, the Miami Herald reported.

Police arrested Luis Hernandez-Gonzalez, 44, and his sister, Salma Hernandez, 32. Hernandez-Gonzalez runs a North Miami shop selling indoor gardening equipment named Blossom Experience, where the bust took place. There, officers found $180,000 in cash, marijuana plants labeled "Chernobyl" and "Super Skunk," and marijuana seeds.

Authorities also raided the suspect's home, where they found bundles of bills hidden in heat-sealed bags and 5-gallon buckets, as well as a Tec-9 pistol and steroids. Police initially estimated the value of cash found in the buckets to between $10 and $20 million.

According to an arrest report, the DEA began investigating Hernandez-Gonzalez in 2010 after he discussed marijuana trafficking with a confidential informant. He was also linked to a Tennessee marijuana bust this year, and he was caught discussing marijuana cultivation techniques on wiretaps.

Hernandez-Gonzalez was charged with money laundering, marijuana trafficking, weapon possession, and several other crimes.

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