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Second Chances

These organizations help those leaving prison: jobs, healthcare, emotional support and housing

Some cover the entire United States, while others attend to people in each state. In different ways, government and non-governmental organizations support people on their difficult journey towards reinsertion into society, and their opportunity for a ‘second chance’ (*).
29 Oct 2019 – 07:38 AM EDT
Organizations that help in the USA. Crédito: Composition David Maris

Every year, 650,000 men and women leave prison. The longed for day becomes the start of a journey that isn’t always a bed of roses. For example, recidivism over the nine years following release is above 80% in men and 77% in women.

What can be done to help them stay out of trouble with the law? Governmental, non-governmental, religious and community organizations offer different types of help. Some focus on searching for employment, one of the most difficult issues for those who leave without references and a negative behavior report against them. Others offer psychological tools, guides to obtaining documents, healthcare or support in controlling addiction.

Have you had any experience with these organizations (good, bad or average?)

Write to us at We promise to protect your identity, if that is what you prefer.

Here is a list of some associations, as well as their contact details:

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