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This Hispanic Heritage Month My Latino Friends Are Thriving

In addition to defending Hispanic Americans’ values, President Trump has empowered the Hispanic community economically.
11 Oct 2019 – 06:12 PM EDT
A protester ata march on Valentine's Day in New York with a banner that says: 'Latinos make America Great'. Crédito: Spencer Platt / Getty Images

As a Texan with many lifelong friends in the Hispanic community who I consider to be family, it has been encouraging to witness the record success, higher incomes, and more opportunities for Hispanic families since President Trump’s election.

Engrained in the culture of the Hispanic community is a deep commitment to faith, family, and hard work. The recent advances in economic and religious freedom for this community are undoubtedly in large part thanks to policies advanced by President Trump, who also shares my same deep-seated belief that all Americans can succeed. This is what Hispanic Heritage Month is all about.

Before becoming Co-Chair of the Republican National Committee (RNC), I was blessed to achieve great success as an investor in Texas. I know that many of my friends in the Hispanic community agree that when you’re doing well, you have a moral obligation to give back and to invest in your community. This belief is at the very core of Hispanic Heritage Month.

Recently, I had the honor of meeting with 50 Hispanic pastors in Washington, D.C. at a prayer breakfast organized by the RNC to celebrate the many contributions these leaders make to our local communities. We spoke about the importance of faith and family as a driving force to serve both locally and nationally. Hearing how much this president as done for their neighbors and families confirmed that our nation is moving in the right direction. We agreed that more and more Hispanic Americans are thriving during the Trump presidency—and we have to keep it that way. Four more years under President Trump’s leadership gives us that chance.

Since day one of his administration, President Trump has been a strong ally of faith leaders. He has defended religious freedom and his administration has stood firm in its commitment to protect the sanctity of life. President Trump even signed an executive order defending the right of people of faith to freely express themselves in the public square.

In addition to defending Hispanic Americans’ values, President Trump has empowered the Hispanic community economically, which is why Hispanic unemployment has reached yet another record low in September. Because of his policies, there are more Hispanics working today in our country than ever before. The average Hispanic income is at its highest point and homeownership has skyrocketed to its highest rate in over a decade. It is also worth noting that there will be an estimated one million new Hispanic-owned small businesses as a result of President’s Tax Cuts and Jobs Act.

Even with all this progress, President Trump knows more work must be done to continue empowering Hispanic Americans. It has been over a year since President Trump announced the successful negotiation of the USMCA to replace NAFTA.

As a businessman from a border state – Texas – I know firsthand the kind of positive impact that the USMCA could have for all Americans, including Hispanic Americans, if it is approved by Congress. The USMCA would add an additional $68.2 billion to the U.S. economy and create 176,000 new jobs. This trade agreement already has the support of over 1,000 farm groups and nearly 400 companies and associations.

If the Democrats truly care about the wellbeing of the Hispanic American community, then this Hispanic Heritage Month they will approve this great trade deal for the American people.

Under President Trump’s leadership, more Hispanics have the opportunity to succeed. He is fighting every day for continued prosperity of every Hispanic American in our nation. Imagine what four more years of his leadership will do.

* Tommy Hicks is Co-Chair of the Republican National Committee