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Latino working people’s vote key to defeat Donald Trump

“When Latino working families are determined and speak with one voice there is nothing that can stop them – not even a self-proclaimed billionaire who does not respect anyone.”
President of the AFL-CIO.
Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump speaks at a rally at Cross Insurance Center on October 15, 2016 in Bangor, Maine Crédito: Sarah Rice/Getty Images)

There is a lot at stake at this election for all working people across America. But Latino families have the most to lose if Donald Trump gets elected. They also have the power to stop the most xenophobic and racist presidential candidate that our nation has ever seen.

From the beginning Trump has based his campaign on attacking Latino working families. He wants to separate hardworking immigrant families by deporting our friends, neighbors, and coworkers. His most prominent campaign promise is to build a wall that will further separate and alienate Latino immigrant families. Instead of providing realistic solutions to our nation’s problems, Trump’s tactics are to instigate fear and division.

Trump is a double threat to hardworking Latino families, not only because of his inhumane and senseless immigration proposals, but also because throughout his career he has undermined working people. He supports so-called “right-to-work” laws that are aimed at weakening unions, silencing workers, and benefiting wealthy CEOs. Trump has clearly stated that he does not support raising wages, even as thousands of Latino families in the nation would benefit greatly from a pay increase.

The option for Latino working people is clear. There is one candidate who has a firm record of championing policies that have helped to empower Latino families: Hillary Clinton.

She understands that immigrants have been this nation’s fabric since its foundation. And as president she will fight to pass comprehensive immigration reform with a roadmap to citizenship. Hillary has integrated Dreamers in her campaign, because she knows that they represent the future of our nation. Instead of building a wall, she will work for compassionate policies on both sides of the border.

Working families across the country are joining together in greater numbers to support Hillary. She is with us, and we are with her. She supports raising the minimum wage, giving a voice to working people and passing policies that will empower Latino working families. And she opposes trade agreements that have only harmed workers here in the U.S. and in Latin America. She will push our nation forward so our children can live a better life.

But we still have a lot of work to do to get the first woman elected president of the US. The AFL-CIO has been offering citizenship clinics to help Latino immigrants become citizens so they can have a voice; we have been conducting voter registration drives; our members have volunteered to canvass and to phone bank.

Latinos in America need to act now to get Hillary elected. There is no time to waste and every minute counts. Latino working families can make a difference. They can join our efforts. To start with, all eligible Latinos need to register to vote. They can talk with their families, friends, coworkers on the importance of supporting Hillary and why she is the only candidate who is with Latino working people. And most importantly on November 8 th -- get out and vote. We live in a democracy and we have a say on our future. This is the chance for Latino working families to tell Donald Trump that he is wrong and to get rid of him once and for all.

Latino workers have faced Donald Trump before and have won. Recently, workers at the Trump Casino in Las Vegas – most of them Latinos – fought back Trump’s attempts to take away their voices and they successfully voted to join the Culinary Union. This proves that when Latino working families are determined and speak with one voice there is nothing that can stop them – not even a self-proclaimed billionaire who does not respect anyone.

The future of our families is at play. Latinos have worked hard to contribute to our communities. Many have immigrated in search of a better life for their families and a future for their children. Together, with our vote we can save our dreams and continue building a better America.

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