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Award-winning Mexican-American writer, Sandra Cisneros, on the advantages of being biculturally "amphibious"

In this week’s episode of Real America, Cisneros talk about her battling her father's old-fashioned view of a woman's role, her path to success as a Latina author, and how to take 'selfies'.
29 Mar 2019 – 11:06 AM EDT
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Best known for her book, “The House on Mango Street,” Cisneros tells us growing up wasn't easy and her traditionally-minded father thought "I had been ruined by my education."

As a Mexican-American, She also discusses her bicultural view of the world, one that she shares with Jorge.

"My motherland is Mexico and my fatherland is the United States," she says. "The ability of anyone who has two cultures is that it allows us to be amphibious. It allows us to move on land and water and in that rich place in between," she tells Jorge.

"In a time where latino voices are under attack, Sandra's books, and the lessons we can draw from them, are more releavnt than ever before," says Jorge.

Sandra also shares some tips on how to take a selfie.