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Resumen de La Rosa de Guadalupe capítulo ‘El estallido del corazón’

30 Dic 2020 – 08:00 PM EST

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esperanza: no, it's not child's play, luciana.take it. you'll see how nice it is.won't only get in good with her but also impress exploded! my hand! luciana: that's leonel,something happened to him. esperanza: i'm sure thosefireworks had something to do! i told you not to let themhe's getting a transfusion in order to be operated.esperanza: doctor, we brought leonel's fingers in a bag withmembrane of his hand and it's impossible to put his fingersfelipe: the doctor had to amputate your hand, son.the explosion destroyed your hand.the doctor had to amputate it. leonel: no, i can't loselearned to use your right hand when you were little,but now you're learning with the left one.leonel: i can't, grandma. i've tried it for days>> i can give you a hand whenever you want.leonel: i told my mom and grandma that i didn't want tocome. i can't stand those fools that yell things at me.>> ignore them. besides, it's not that evidentby little, but you have to fight.leonel: to fight? with a hand that falls?let me play with fireworks? luciana: becauseit's a tradition, hon. felipe: son, you were happywhen you used fireworks. leonel: you're wrong.and got mutilated because of them!i know that i shouldn't have played with fireworksat christmas, that i shouldn't have playedhelp me to understand, to accept that i have a new lifeand to learn to live it with my new hand.please, virgin of guadalupe, help me.are you crazy? don't you see what happened to your brother?do you want the same for you? sebastian: nothing will happen.i'm not that fool, i'm being careful.luciana: i'm your mother and i'll take care of you.i don't want you to light another firework up againto the neighbors too? not only my schoolmatesuse fireworks. luciana: hey, i think that'sgood. we can also create an association with the neighborsto prevent accidents with fireworks at christmasand other holidays. felipe: good. i'll find outarturo: we'll give you a hand, and leonel will get the first.we'll give your association the first robot prosthesis,

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