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Revive the best of all episodes of 'El Chapo' Season 1

Watch the best of the first season and get ready for 'El Chapo' Season 2.
23 Ago 2017 – 1:52 PM EDT

'El Chapo' Season 2 is about to start on September 17, on Univision with much more action and a plot line that won't let you take off the screen. Watch the best of the first season and get ready for 'El Chapo' Season 2.

Episode 1 - From Subordinate to Lord

In 1985, Joaquin 'El Chapo' Guzman was one of the subordinates of Guadalajara cartel, an organization controlling drug trafficking in Mexico. However, he was ready to do something that no one had done before to show his value: create a tunnels system to transport cocaine from Mexico to the United States in record time.

His expertise in transporting large amounts of drug and his ambition to stand out, will help him to climb positions in the cartel he belongs to.

Episode 2 - The War Begins

The violent personality of Ramon Avendaño provokes an event that would change the relationship between 'El Chapo' and Avendaño brothers. After a fight at a party, Ramon shoots 'El Rayo' at point-blank, who was Joaquin's best friend. So, the bloody war began.

'El Güero' Palma became his ally to end with Tijuana Cartel, the game's rules were changing.

Episode 3 - Revenge

Amado, who was one of the main allies of the 'Boss of Bosses', is released by the Mexican government due to a DEA request. So, he can bring together the cartels and agree on a truce. After that, Amado becomes the most respected leader, but not for long. Avendaño brothers ruthlessly murder Guadalupe, 'El Güero's' wife, as well as his two children.

In revenge, Joaquin sends his gunmen to Christine club to end with Avendaño brothers. Ramon manages to escape, but 'El Lobito', the youngest of Avedaño brothers, is captured by 'El Chapo's' people.

Episode 4 - The Most Wanted

The nonstop troubles between cartels motivate the government and Amado to come up with a plan to get rid of 'El Chapo' and Jesus Posadas Ocampo cardinal, who is becoming a very annoying character for the president of Mexico.

In the shooting, the cardinal is murdered, but Joaquin Guzman Loera manages to escape. From that moment on 'El Chapo' becomes the most wanted in Mexico.

Episode 5 - The Persecution

After the shooting, a price is put on 'El Chapo's' head, so he tries to hide. And the Mexican government allies with Amado to catch the drug trafficker once and for all.

Joaquin is not ready to go to prison and gets out of the country immediately with his lover Chio and gunman Toño. Once In Guatemala, they will set up a new operations center.

Episode 6 - The Capture

'El Chapo' tries to do business with Herrerias, the leader of drug trafficking in Guatemala, but he fails. The capo asks 'El Chapo' to transport drug to El Salvador to accept the deal but he didn’t agree.

The DEA closes the doors to Joaquin Guzman when it joins to his capture and he has to go back to Guatemala. Before his failure he tries to reach Herrerias to start over, but lieutenant Rosado arranges a fake meeting where 'El Chapo' is arrested by the government of Guatemala.

Episode 7 - No Exit

Guzman Loera finally arrives to Mexico to go to Almoloya prison. 'Don Sol', becomes the trusted man of the president, and is in charge of introducing 'El Chapo' to the press.

Once in prison, 'Don Sol' negotiates with 'El Chapo' that if he ratifies the version of the cardinal's death, then he could look after his family and ask for his transfer to another prison. 'El Chapo' accepts the deal, but 'Don Sol' never tells him when he would fulfill his promise.

Episode 8 - Life behind bars

Joaquin Guzman was used to bribe the authorities off, and tries to convince the custodians to let him live comfortable, but he doesn’t succeed. The only thing that he gets trying to bribe them was a violent thrashing.

Finally, one of the custodians takes his money to cover his daughter medical expenses and in exchange the custodian gets some sleeping pills for 'El Chapo' and other inmates. The peace 'El Chapo' got comes to an end when another custodian discovers the sleeping pills.

Episode 9 - The Fall

In the last episode of 'El Chapo' Season 1 we see the fall of the dangerous capo. His constant challenges to the authority cost him a lot, so he is confined in 'Los Acolchonados', the most feared place in Almoloya.

Everything seems lost, the power that Guzman Loera once had, was vanished by his apprehension, and the tortures left him on the brink of madness. In 'El Chapo' Season 2 he will prove that his ambition has no limits and we will see him go back to his way to become the most dangerous capo.