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'El Chapo' started a violent war

In order to reinforce ‘La Federación’, Joaquín El Chapo Guzmán started a violent war among cartels.
9 Oct 2017 – 11:12 PM EDT

Season two is almost halfway through, and episode four deals with the war between ‘El Chapo’ (Marco de la O) and the Gulf cartel. Now that Don Sol (Humberto Busto) is head of the police, and after his bad experience with the president and his wife, he knows he shouldn’t let anyone move his strings ever again, which makes his deal with ‘El Chapo’ somewhat dangerous and fragile.

'Los Emes' defeated 'El Chapo'

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The cartel federation has a few problems, although its existence is already undeniable. The younger of the two Juárez cartel leaders, Rodolfillo, refuses to work for Joaquín under the supervision of the Bernal Leyda brothers.

Joaquín sends Arturo Bernal Leyda (Antonio de la Vega) to recruit ‘La Muñeca’, one of the best product transporters in Acapulco, and assigns him to a strategic Nuevo Laredo location. This territory belongs to Raciel and El Cano (Harold Torres), leaders of their own clandestine paramilitary group: ‘Los Emes’.

Rodolfillo signs his death sentence when he impulsively kills one of Joaquín’s elite soldiers. ‘El Chapo’ gets furious, so he sends someone to murder Rodolfillo together with his wife and daughter outside of a movie theatre. The girl survives the attack, but is obviously traumatized.

Joaquín dreams of using his escape to establish a new regime. He wants to travel incognito once all the cartels are organized and ready to work on their own according to their deal with the DEA, but his plan fails when Conrado Sol ambushes and captures Raciel, who is afraid of running into ‘El Güero’ in Almoloya.

Enemies once again, Sol and ‘El Chapo’ are both aware that Alarcón’s arrival to presidency is dangerous for them. The conflict between cartels has grown; several members of the Michoacán Family and a few of Guzmán Loera’s allies have been killed and hung from bridges in the streets. Each conflict will probably escalate to unseen proportions: war has begun.

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