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'El Chapo' on the verge of madness: thus ended the first season of the series on Joaquín Guzmán Loera

The last chapter of the first season of 'El Chapo' showed Joaquín Guzmán at his worst, becoming a humiliated and delirious prisoner who refuses to fall into oblivion.
14 Jun 2017 – 04:44 PM EDT
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The expected end of the series 'El Chapo' left the drug trafficker behind bars, tortured and on the verge of madness, what seems to be a turning point for what is to come in the second season of the successful series of Univision based on the life of the drug trafficker Joaquín Guzmán Loera.

The last chapter of the series can be watched on Additionally, it will be available on Univision and Univision Now apps so you can enjoy it wherever you want. Visit our website to know how you watch the full chapters of the series.

The hell in 'Los Acolchonados'

'El Chapo' Guzman dearly paid for challenging prison authorities. After being in total isolation for a month, he had a meeting with 'La Licenciada', the fearsome deputy director of Almoloya. The prisoner assured her that the punishment had taken effect, as he was repentant of his criminal life. However, 'La Licenciada' did not trust and confined him 30 more days in 'Los Acolchonados', the cell where prisoners were exposed to an ordeal behind bars.

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Almoloya de Juárez: This is the maximum security prison where 'El Chapo' was imprisoned

'El Chapo' spent his days in a somber and cold room. In order to drive him to despair, guards used to leave siren at full blast just a few steps from the door. He tried to reach it through a slit, but every effort was useless and guards played with his desperation.

The image of the vigorous drug dealer was discarded: now he looked tired, dirty, with a slovenly beard and with the spirit on the ground. In order to get out of that hell in life, the drug trafficker pretended a stomach illness and tried to bribe the doctor from the penitentiary, but he failed. After such failed attempt, the deputy director sentenced him to two more months of torture.

'El Chapo' was on the verge of madness. In a fit of rage, he lashed out at the main prison guard. Then, he was placed a straitjacket on him immediately, which drove him into despair.

Refugee on his mind

Enclosed in himself, Joaquin Guzman Loera was plunged into the memories of his youth in order to soften the loneliness. Those days like a young poppy sower came to his mind, as well as those days when his father used to rob to him the money he made from the opium sale.

Being a field boy 'Little Chapo' admired the life of the then 'Patron' Pedro Avilés. In a suicidal act, the young Guzmán Loera stole a luxurious car from him. While facing the boss, explained he took the car to experience the feeling of being behind the wheel of a latest model car. Additionally, he asked him for a job in his organization, not only as a poppy farmer, but as a gunman.

Then, Pedro Aviles ordered him to murder a worker who was stealing money from him. 'El Chapo' did not make a false and shot the worker with a single bullet. After that the 'Patron' rewarded him by including him into the criminal structure and inviting him to a special celebration.

During the celebration, the inexperienced trafficker witnessed the power of Don Pedro Avilés. He saw him surrounded by politicians, soldiers, policemen, women... with the world at his feet. The famous song by José Alfredo Jiménez, called 'El Rey', accompanied the memory. After a fierce fight with his father, he swore to him that someday he would have more power than anyone else.

'The King'

Joaquín Guzmán Loera lived for four months in 'Los Acolchonados'. In those days 'La Licenciada' gave him a call to testify if the drug trafficker was repentant for his criminal background. And the capo assured her that he would not return to the criminal life. Upon hearing that, the deputy director ordered the guards to transfer him back to his former cell.

However, 'El Chapo' began planning his escape from prison. When returning to regular prison life he forgot scandals and showed a friendly and helpful attitude. But his thoughts were already out of prison and with the desire of escaping from the penitentiary.

In order to do this, he asked his lawyer to contact Ismael, as he would give him the money to organize the escape. Without knowing it, Guzmán Loera was digging its own tomb. At the end of the meeting with his lawyer, was intercepted by 'La Licenciada', who showed him the recording of the conversation where he was revealing the escape plan.

Undoubtedly, the deputy director of the prison sent him back to 'Los Acolchonados'. But before that, she told him that no one escapes from Almoloya.

The martyrdom of 'Los Acolchonados' returned to the life of 'El Chapo'. But as he set his foot into the gloomy cell, he began singing 'El Rey'. Verse to verse the torture was diminishing: "Con dinero y sin dinero, hago siempre lo que quiero y mi palabra es la ley. No tengo trono ni reina ni nadie que me comprenda. Pero sigo siendo el rey".

Will 'El Chapo' become the king again? Do not miss the next season upcoming in September on Univision.


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