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‘El Chapo’ lost his brother and the control of ‘La Federación’ in episode 5 of the series

Rodolfillo got his revenge on ‘El Chapo’ and put the stability of ‘La Federación’ to the test. Here’s what happened in episode 5.
25 Oct 2017 – 12:29 PM EDT

On the one hand, the cartel war is more and more violent, and Joaquín (Marco de la O) will do whatever it takes to keep ‘La Federación’ under control. His rivalry with El Cano (Harold Torres) and the Juarez cartel has reached another level: Chente, wanting to avenge Rodolfillo, strikes a deal with ‘El Cano’ to murder Arturo ‘El Pollo’, Joaquín’s favorite brother.

'El Chapo' and 'Don Sol' imposed Mexico’s new president

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On the other hand, Don Sol (Humberto Busto) asks ‘El Chapo’ not to make a bloodbath of this war. They have enough with ‘Los Emes’ in Guerrero and ‘La Familia Michoacana’. ‘El Chapo’ makes him no promises.

Meanwhile, Conrado Sol finds out that Franco, the young escort he’s been seeing regularly for the past two years, has fallen in love with him. Will he allow himself to feel something for the young man, or will he keep his passion under control in order to exert power properly?

Doña Esperanza confronts ‘El Chapo’ on the death of her son, ‘El Pollo’, and Joaquín doesn’t know what to say when she asks him to give up the business.

Revenge is too far from Joaquín at this times of war: keeping ‘La Federación’ intact is his priority. However, ‘El Chapo’ doesn’t forget; Chente should be careful.

Besides, there is something else: ‘El Cano’ wants all the power for himself and he won’t give in. The conflict among them approaches, the series’ rhythm accelerates and we cannot but wait for the big fight to happen.

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