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'El Chapo' became the boss of drug trafficking: this was chapter 2 of the series on Joaquín Guzmán Loera

The Sinaloa native Joaquín Guzmán Loera managed to be recognized as the 'Boss' of drug trafficking in Mexico.
14 Jun 2017 – 12:15 PM EDT
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After proving his power by moving Pablo Escobar's tons of drugs from Colombia to the United States, 'El Chapo' wanted more. And the new political climate in Mexico would give him the opportunity to ascend in the criminal life.

The conflict with the Avendaño

Although 'El Chapo' felt stronger after moving tons of drug through his tunnel, was not satisfied yet. He wanted more. So, in order to do more businesses, he looked for the Avendaño, leaders of the Tijuana Cartel, with the purpose of offering them an alliance: 'El Chapo' was able to go through their territories to move cocaine in exchange for a percentage of the profits.

Then Benjamin gave him an answer that deeply hurt Joaquin's pride, "bosses only do business with bosses," he said. This was the first event that would start the rupture and bloody conflict between the Avendaño and 'El Chapo'.

Guzmán Loera was not willing to be defeated because the Avendaño did not recognize him for not being a lord, so he began to move drug in their territory without letting them know, using tricks to hide the drug in cans of food.

The real war began when Ramon Avendaño murdered El Rayo, Chapo's best friend, in a fit of fury when he tried to get into one of his parties.

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Detrás de cámaras 'El Chapo': Mira todo lo que pasó en la grabación de la muerte de 'El Rayo' en 'El Chapo'

'El Chapo' swore he would not forgive the Avendaño humiliation they made to him and the murder of one of his few trusted friends.

'El Chapo' becomes a lord

In December of 1988, Mexico elects a new president and thus changes drug trafficking structure in the country. From now on the government will control the bosses and designate territories.

After imprisoning Miguel Angel 'The Boss of the Bosses' and Amado, 'Don Sol' together with General Blanco met with the bosses and 'El Chapo' to define the new rules. In this plan was included Joaquín Guzmán Loera, who was named from that moment lord and person in charge of the drug trafficking business in Tecate, Baja California.

Now 'El Chapo' knows that he can murder his enemies and get more allies. In order to have all control, he stole important documents that can end the political careers of many of the most powerful of the Mexican government and will not hesitate in using them if necessary.

Meanwhile, 'Don Sol' and the president get prepared to control 'El Chapo' because they begin to notice that it may be the most dangerous drug trafficking bosses.


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