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Exclusive: Listen to Dom La Nena's cover of 'Gracias a la Vida'

The Parisian-based multilingual singer and cellist just released a 4-song EP titled 'Cantando'.
30 Sep 2016 – 10:27 AM EDT

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Dom La Nena Crédito: Jeremiah

Brazilian-born chanteuse and cellist player Dom La Nena is releasing today a 4-song EP called Cantando, comprised of covers of some of her favorite composers from around the world, including 'Gracias a la Vida' from Chilean folk singer Violeta Parra (1917-1967), considered the mother of Latin American folk music.

The artist, whose given name is Dominique Pinto, is based in Paris and has lived in Brazil, Argentina and France. She speaks French, Portuguese, Spanish and English and has been influenced from all the different cultures she has grown up with. Besides 'Gracias a la Vida', the Cantando EP includes the tracks 'Felicidade,' by Lupicinio Rodrigues (Brazil), 'Scenic World' by Beirut (USA) and 'Les Vieux' by Jacques Brel (Belgium).

"Chilean composer and musical pioneer Violeta Parra is one of my biggest musical references and inspirations. She was an extraordinary woman, a Latino-American innovator," Dom La Nena told us regarding the classic 'Gracias a La Vida'. "It is a song that is a part of the musical and cultural heritage of every Latino-American. I remember passionately singing this song during my teenage years while in Buenos Aires."

Cantando now available from Six Degrees. Dom La Nena is currently on tour in France.


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