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'Nasty': the combative t-shirt worn by the mayor of San Juan that went viral

"What is truly nasty is turning your back on the people of Puerto Rico," said Carmen Yulin Cruz, in response to Trump's criticism of her in advance of his presidential visit to the island.
5 Oct 2017 – 12:16 AM EDT

San Juan Mayor Carmen Yulin Cruz, who has become the face of Puerto Rican anger after Hurricane Maria, has gone one step further in her war of words with President Donald Trump.

In an interview with Univision's Jorge Ramos, Cruz wore a black T-shirt with the word 'Nasty' in large letters, a reference to the adjective that Trump used against her.

"When it bothers someone that you ask for water to drink, medicine for the sick and food for the hungry, you have many more profound problems than can be explained in an interview," she said. "What is truly nasty is when you turn your back on the people of Puerto Rico," she added.

In a series of attacks on the mayor last Saturday, Trump said she believed the Democrats had told Cruz to be "nasty to Trump."

Trump' was responding to Cruz's criticism of the slow pace of the federal government's response to the unfolding humanitarian crisis in Puerto Rico.

'Nasty', is also a word that has been associated with the president on several occasions since October 2016 after the then candidate called Hillary Clinton "a nasty woman," generating a flood of criticism and a T-shirt campaign by women opposed to Trump.

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