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Hispanic couple accused of chaining 6 children to their beds

The North Carolina couple are each charged with false imprisonment and child abuse
27 Jul 2016 – 11:47 AM EDT

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Felipe Gonzalez-Guzman and Melissa Gonzalez-Guzman are charged with 15 counts of false imprisonment and child abuse Crédito: Mecklenburg County Jail

CHARLOTTE, N.C. (AP) -- Police in North Carolina have charged a couple accused of chaining their six children to their beds and locked them in their rooms.

A statement from Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police on Tuesday said 48-year-old Felipe Gonzalez-Guzman and 30-year-old Melissa Gonzalez-Guzman are each charged with 15 counts of false imprisonment and felony child abuse. It's not known if they have attorneys.

Police and social workers responded to a call on July 18 to check on the children at a home. Copies of search warrants provided to local media outlets said police found a bunk bed with "two metal linked chains on each end of the bed with small master locks attached to them."

Photos shown to officers on a cell phone showed four children with linked chains around their wrist and waist.