Trump and Chávez: united by their intolerance against the press (PHOTOS)

Inspired by the president elect's recent press conference, where he accused a CNN journalist telling him "you are fake news", here is a review of clashes between Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez and the press.
Por: Univision
Publicado: 14 Jan | 12:56 PM EST
Jorge Ramos y Trump
Donald Trump called for Univision's anchor Jorge Ramos to be forcibly removed when, at a press conference, the journalist tried to ask him how he planned to deport 11 million undocumented immigrants from the United States. (August 25, 2015) Foto: Scott Olson/Getty Images | Univision
An assistant wipes Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez's face during hi...
Aló Presidente" was a TV show that aired every Sunday. It was presented by Hugo Chavez and hadno time limit. lasting up to seven hours. The president used it, among other things, to attack his "enemies," opponents, leaders, media and journalists. (August 1, 2004) Foto: Reuters | Univision
Caracas, VENEZUELA: Employees of Venezuelan private network RCTV (Radio...
Hugo Chávez fulfilled his threat of not renewing the broadcasting license of Radio Caracas Television, that had become a strong opposition to his government. It later shut down operations. (May 27, 2007) Foto: Juan Barreto/Getty Images | Univision
Journalists from newspaper Ultimas Noticias are attacked during a protes...
Journalists from Cadena Capriles (company that prints the newspapers Últimas Noticias, El Mundo and Líder) marched through central Caracas to protest an education law that imposed limitations on journalism. Suddenly they were brutally attacked with sticks and blows by followers of Hugo Chávez. (August 13, 2009). Foto: Ho New / Reuters | Univision
Venezuela's President Hugo Chavez gestures as he holds a newspaper s...
President Hugo Chávez used to show off the front page of newspapers that criticized him. The newspaper shown in this photo is Últimas Noticias. The paper was sold,, its editorial line totally changed and became an official organ of the Chavista propaganda. In the photo he used the paper as a proof that he was still alive, in the middle of a battle with cancer that eventually took his life. (July 4, 2011). Foto: Ho New / Reuters | Univision
Network and cable news correspondents including CNN's Jim Acosta (C)...
Jim Acosta was a victim of Donald Trump's verbal attacks during his first press conference as president-elect. "You are fake news!" said Trump when Acosta tried to ask a question. "Mr. President-elect, you are attacking our news organization. Can you give us the opportunity to ask you a question? " the journalist insisted. "No, no, not you, your organization ... shut up !. Do not be rude, I won't give you a question, you give false news," said the President. (January 11, 2017). Foto: SAUL LOEB/Getty Images) | Univision
WASHINGTON, DC - JULY 22:  Martin Baron, executive editor of the Washing...
Donald Trump banned members of The Washington Post from his campaign events, because the newspaper published news the magnate considered unfavorable. Martin Baron, the newspaper's executive director, said in a statement that "it is nothing more than a repudiation of the role of a free and independent press." When coverage does not match what the candidate wants it to be, then a news organization is proscribed ". (June 13, 2016). Foto: Alex Wong/Getty Images | Univision
Katy Tur
Katy Tur, a journalist from NBC, was targeted by the Republican candidate's attacks during the campaign. On Trump's visit to downtown Miami, he told her from the podium, "We have huge crowds, there's something going on and they're not reporting it, Katy, you're not reporting it ... but there's something going on, Katy." That caused the immediate booing of his followers against the reporter. (November 2, 2016) Foto: David Maris | Univision
Fox News Channel anchors and debate moderators (L-R) Chris Wallace, Megy...
Megyn Kelly, a Fox News anchor, asked Donald Trump during his campaign: "You have called women fat pigs, bitches, sluts and filthy animals. Does it sound to you like the temperament of a man we should choose as President? " Trump used his Twitter account to insinuate she was menstruating: "blood was flowing everywhere." In the photo Kelly moderates a debate. (January 28, 2015). Foto: Carlos Barria / Reuters | Univision