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Ohio mother of four American-born children deported to Mexico

Despite efforts by church leaders and community members in Fairfield, Ohio, and even a plea by Governor John Kasich, Maribel Trujillo was deported Wednesday.
19 Abr 2017 – 11:39 AM EDT
Maribel Trujillo with her husband and children, aged 3, 10, 12 and 14. Crédito: Courtesy of the family.

Maribel Trujillo, an undocumented mother of four American-born children, who made headlines in recent weeks as community leaders and lawmakers sought to halt her deportation, is currently on a plane bound for Mexico, according to her attorney.

Trujillo was detained by Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) on April 5, two days after she left an appointment with instructions to return in May.

For the past week, Trujillo was being held in an ICE detention center in Louisiana awaiting deportation. ICE denied all requests made by Trujillo's lawyers.

"We are disappointed and outraged that ICE has chosen not to exercise prosecutorial discretion despite the thousands of calls and nationwide advocacy from community members, elected officials, and faith leaders," attorney Kathleen Kersh wrote in a statement Wednesday.

Trujillo’s children are aged 14, 12, 10 and three.

Trujillo, who is Mexican, has been in the United States since 2002 and has no criminal record. According to statements made by her family, she originally fled Mexico due to drug cartels targeting her family.

Immigration officials first came in contact with Trujillo in 2007, when she worked in a Koch Foods plant that was raided by federal authorities.

In Fairfield, Ohio, she had become very involved in her church. Last year, church leaders advocated on her behalf, helping Trujillo get a work permit that was supposed to last until July.

In recent weeks, attorneys hoped that statements made by Sen. Sherrod Brown, Sen. Rob Portman and even Ohio Governor John Kasich in support of Trujillo would have been enough to convince ICE to halt the deportation.

"Maribel's deportation shows that the Trump Administration is not focused on deporting criminals, but rather on separating peaceful mothers from their American children," Kersh says. "It is horrific that American children will be the ones to pay the price for these heartless policies."

Last week, Trujillo's husband Gustavo Gonzalez issued a statement, saying he felt "powerless" to help his wife.

"My younger daughter, Daniela [age three], wakes up during the night asking for her mother," he wrote. "She is simply too young to understand that one day her mother was with her and that she has not returned. I can take care of this little one physically and I am grateful to family and friends who are surrounding us, but she needs her mother. This little girl’s life has completely changed."