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Pequeños Gigantes USA Programa 9

21 Feb 2017 – 02:00 AM EST


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>> last week, here in pequeños

gigantes usa.

>> johnny lozada!

>> we knew the last team.

>> the pequeflow!

>> that's it.

>> and the competence began.

>> everybody standing for you,


>> energy everywhere, i loved


>> you've got all of us here.

>> little darling!

>> noy you can give me a big

round of applause.

>> that's how everybody should

enjoy pequeños gigantes usa's


>> this week.

>> i give you 3.

>> the jury will give points

from 1 to 5.

>> five!

>> and the team that earns most

points will receive a very

special prize.




>> when i am by her side, i feel

like giant!

giselle blondet!

>> that's it.


how are you?

welcome to pequeños gigantes


it's great to be together today,

because this is a very special

week, dedicated to "lo nuestro"


we will have two extraordinay

singers, two dancers and two

talents, who will be trying to

score as many points as

possible, for their teams.

let's receive them immediately.

here we have tonight's



that's it.

well, and here we have "los

pequeños guerreros", applause

for "the mvpgs", what do you say

about "the superpeques"?

round of applause for "the

rebels", "the megaminis", and

"the pequeflows".

i love them, a big

round of applause for our kids

and their captains, please.

pay attention to this because

i'll explain how it will work

this week.

the most important, this week,

today, tomorrow and on

wednesday, there won't ne


it's very important, but our

jury will evaluate our kids'

performances, so let's say

hello to them with a big smile

to make them give us a lot of


hello dear judges, there they


prince royce, bianca marroquin

and luis coronel.

hello, how are you?

>> great, very happy.

>> happy, ready to give points

to the kids?

>> of course.

>> yes?

>> well, it's very important

that you do your best to stand

out and our public to take notes

at home.

the team that has the highest

score, will go to "lo nuestro"

awards next thursday together

with sebastian villalobos.

that's it, kids.

this one ended up with his mouth


look, you will be able to go to

the red carpet, you will know

the artists, and you could go


do you like it?


so, let's score as many points

as possible.

are you ready, kids?

would you like to go to "lo

nuestro" awards?

whoever wants to go, raise your


oh, great.

well, while you go backstage,

what do you think about watching

how our dear osvaldo did this


let's see.

>> here i have some people that

want to greet you.


>> hello.

>> osvaldo, we love you so much.

>> i love you too.

>> don't worry about us because

we are great.

>> hey!

>> let's see if that is true

when i arrive.

>> keep on fighting so you go


we love you so much.

>> i love you too.

>> bye.

>> bye.


>> what, did you injure your

eyes, or are you crying?

>> i'm not crying.

>> are you crying?

>> no!

>> i'm here whenever you need


when you feel sad, i'm here.

cheers up and work hard, my boy.

>> ok.

>> because you got it.

did you like the surprise?

>> yes.

>> come on, pal!

>> come on, pal!


>> what a loveliness!

you enjoyed it, right?

>> yes, i enjoy very much, and

work hard too.

>> do you work hard?

>> yes.

>> wow, and you had teary eyes

when you saw your little

sisters, right?

>> yes, i miss them.

>> you miss them, right?

>> yes.

>> and god knows if they have

gone out without your


>> i know, uh.

to look for boyfriends.

>> to look for boyfriend.

those sisters of yours.

but, come here, you know?

i have thought about that


do you think men shouldn't cry?

>> of course they can cry too.

>> can they?

>> yes.

>> because rogelio, your

captain, got excited the other

day and cried too.

>> yes, he cried.

>> and that doesn't mean he

ceases to be a man.

that's why...

how do you say?

come on, p...

>> come on, pal!

>> exactly, come on, pal.

look, dear.

tell me, how do you think that

husbands should relate to their


would you let your wife go out?

>> yes, but if i work hard, and

my sisters have boyfriends, i

wouldn't like they were


>> of course, that's great.

human beings should love each


it doesn't matter if you are

woman or man, but i was taught

that women should be treated as

if they be a rose petal, right?

>> yes, like a queen.

>> like a queen, very good,


well, are you ready for your


>> yes, i'm ready.

>> yes?

great, so it's moment to get

ready now.

that's it.

>> i'm seeing him, getting ready

on stage, osvaldo, who will sing

the theme "y asi fue" by julion

alvarez, who is nominated,

precisely to "lo nuestro"

awards, within the category song

of the year and also as

artist-band of the year.

here is osvaldo, come on, giant!


(singing in spanish)


>> that's it!

a big round of applause for

osvaldo, who is nine years old,

my lovely boy.

come here, dear, so handsome.

let's see what our judges think.

but before, i will remind you

that they will give them points

from one to five, that will be

accumulated, and on wednesday,

we are going to announce the

winning team that will go to "lo

nuestro" awards.

are you ready to know what the

jury thinks, my love?

>> yes.

>> yes?

well, let's see.

>> osvaldo, i love everything

about you, i like your

personality, your voice, however

i thing there's a little problem

with the tuning, i noticed that

last week.

you should focus on tuning,

because that's the only problem,

to find the correct pitch.

>> from one to five, how many

points do you give to osvaldo?

>> i have two points for him.

>> that's it.

well, it's fine.

let's see, bianca.

>> you look amazing, you have

great appearance, but you should

work a little bit on following

the melody.

i give you.

>> two, two points, my love.

let's listen to what luis

coronel has to say.

>> osvaldo, i have always loved

the way you take the risk to

sing a difficult song.

julion alvarez is one of the

best singers in mexico; we all

know you have a wonderful


tonight you missed to find the

correct pitch, but that doesn't

mean you didn't do well, you did

it great.

you were just a little bit out

of tune, osvaldo.

>> thanks.

>> ok, let's see how many points

luis will give you.

>> i give you...

>> two.

so you have six points, dear.

those six points are scored for

your team.

"los pequeños guerreros" and you

know now that you have to keep

on working hard, right?

we feel great with desire to

keep on working hard, right?

>> yes.

>> ok, now i want you to go with

your captain who is backtage, to

talk with him a little bit,

let's go.

seba, are you there?

>> yes, yes, yes.

here i am.

look, before anything i'm going

to show you who i have next to

me, these three captains from

"pequeños guerreros", "the

megaminis", and "the


mr. rogelio, how are you?

>> well, i feel happy, but at

the same time i know that my

little rooster has a lot to


we are supporting him, we are

working very hard with him,

because i know he has a lot more

to give, and i think the jury

realized about that.

>> yes, totally, i think he did

very, very good, but as i am not

a judge i can't say anything

about it.

and what do think about how the

competence is going?

>> i got vey nervous.

>> we got nervous, but that's

the way this competence is.

>> we're going to receive

comments with our best energy.

in the meantime, all of you at

home keep on writting comments

on twitter and all social

networks with every team's



#teammegaminis, and


>> yeah, baby.

>> there you have.

we come back to you, gigi.

>> thanks, my love, i now the

captains get very nervous, our

judges evaluating very severely.

but let's see how wonderful they


i'm here with the dancers from

the mvpgs, marilin y jerick.

they look so good wearing those

blue garments.

i love them.

>> thanks.

>> thanks.

>> how did you do at the


>> well, at the rehearsasls we

did just great.

>> i like that both want to

speak at the same time, which

means you feel comfortable.

>> yes.

>> and who commands between you


>> me.

>> great, ok, it's clear to me.

now let's begin with the person

who commands here.

don't you have anything to say?

>> the one who commands first.

>> oh, the one that commands


oh, ok.

let's see, marilyn.

tell me, how did you do at the


>> the rehearsals was great and

too emotional.

>> why?

tell me more.

>> because i miss my family a

lot, karol too, so...

>> it's not very easy, right?

>> yes.

>> both of you started to cry.

well, it's not easy, people

don't realize you are here, you

study of course, but you have to

prepare for your performances

and all that.

it's difficult.

>> very difficult.

>> you have a sister too, right?

>> a little sister.

>> how old is hse?

>> she just turned four.

>> you miss her too, right?

>> yes.

>> well, look.

i would like to please all of

you, i really would, but i have

to do it slowly.

come here, i don't like when you

are sad, those teary eyes.

come sit here with me, come.

come here, my love.

look, come here, jerick, look,

and we show affection to all of


since you miss your family,

let's see first how you did at

the rehearsals, here by my side

with jerick too, let's see that

you said was so emotional.

let's see the rehearsals.

>> jerick and marilyn, i will

say, and music!


>> what happens, marilyn, you

look different today.

>> i miss my family a lot today.

>> you miss your family, it

happens to you, i haven't seen

my family in ages as well,

that's the way our lives are.

we, artists, live far away from

our families, but they feel so

proud of what we do.


>> i feel sad.

i am so far from them, i can't

see them.

it hurts so much.

but i thank this opportunity

because opportunities come and



>> well, now we know saw why you

were so emotional, and it

happens to all of us.

i miss my kids so much, and when

i'm working i miss them so much.

but, as i told you, we try to

make you feel good here, my


i want you too look a that

screen over there, can you see

those little cubes?

there's a very special message

for you.

let's see what it is about.

>> marilyn!

>> hello, my beautiful daughter,

i want you to know that i love

you, i miss you, we need you,

and i want you to know that we

are so proud of you, i want you

to keep on doing your best and

remember that dancing is in your


i love you.

>> i love you and miss you a


i'm so proud of you.

don't forget to dance great and

with much love.

>> marilyn, i'm so happy that

you dance so astonishingly.

>> we love you, marilyn.

>> we love you, marilyn.



>> come here, sweetheart.


>> listen to me, let's see, who

was there?

tell me who was there?

>> my dad.

>> your daddy.

>> my dad.

>> my sister dayana, and my

brother anthony.

>> did you see how proud of you

they are?

>> yes.

>> well, i want you to be very

happy, let's take a deep breath


let's give a big round of

applause to marilyn and jareck.

now you will go to do your

performance, and you will do it

great, because this heart is

full of that, joy, love and

support from your family, ok?

you too, jareck.

take with you the one that

commands, take her to the stage.

ready, guys.

it's moment to get ready.

go over there.

oh, our kids!

there's nothing like the family,


it's great to see that parents

and all their families are

supporting them, so they are

there, and we all know that they

move incredibly fast and they

will do it now, interpreting one

of the themes nominated as best

tropical song of the year, in

this year "lo nuestro" awards.

it's the second collaboration

between gente de zona and marc


there they are.

"traidora", marilyn and jareck.

come on, giant!





>> marilyn and jareck!

that's it, guys, come here.

beautiful, divine!

you were great, right?

let's see what our jury says.

go on.

well, let's see.

wait, this music means a break

now, but, director, what happens

with the judges?

well, we'll have to wait to know

the results of marilyn and

jerick's score.

that will happen after this


we'll come back soon.

>> we're back with pequeños

gigantes usa!

before the break, we were

desperate to know how many

points marilyn and jerick will

get, with such a divine


let's see qhat bianca says.

>> so hot.

a spectacular performace,

exciting, there were some small

details, some mistakes, but it

was spectacular.

i'm very proud of you.

>> 4.


and from 1 to 5, guys.

ok, luis.

>> i loved it, in fact, even if

you were crying, marilyn.

you took control of the stage.

you owned the stage.

the score i give to you is.

>> ok, let's see, luis.


>> 5.

>> and finally, royce.

let's see.

>> well, i loved it all.

i agree with my partners.

the pressure from the public,

the pressure.

>> 5.

>> 5.

>> 5.

>> i give.

>> 4.

ok, ok, let's see, add,

substract, multiply and divide.

13 points.

guys, congratulations.

all right.

so how about you go to the

backstage with sebastian, to

chek on your captain karol g, i

think she must be happy.

go see her.

>> effectively.

gigi, look, i mean, i want you

to see it.

in this moment he doesn't stop

dancing, see, that's how they

brought up the backstage.

how do you feel?

are you happy?

>> hi, i don't want to lose my

composture, but i'm super

excited, because they really put

an effort.

so i'm super happy.

they did it really good, and,

well, that score was great.

>> well, congratulations,

paulina and jonathan,how do you

feel after the competition


>> the competitions is strong.

i'm happy because my partner and

the kids did awesome.

very well done.

>> but after that score, it will

be hard to surpass.

>> oh!

well, everyone in their homes,

follow us on twitter, instagram,

facebook and snapchat as


support your favorite teams.

to me it's an honor, because our

prize tonight, lunnarena from

"super peques", represents the

first actress, lulu felix at the

gigantes awards.

forward gigantes.

>> come.

>> we continue with this award


and let's go directly to the

millenium actress award.

the nominees in this category

are: dolores del rio, sara

montiel and lulu felix.

and the winner is...

lulu felix.

>> clear the way!

clear the way!

kisses, kisses, kisses for

everyone, it was expected,

because that glamour neves gets


excuse me, excuse me!

i'm not ready for my closeout.


i wanna thank my make up artist,

hairdresser and masseuse because

all this shine only lulu felix

has it.

thanks to my captain, paulina

goto, for always, always

believing in me.

don't worry.

you will get as far as i.

i was forgetting someone very

important, let's see, my taxi,

housekeeper, cook, assistant,


ah, the one who pays for

everything, my mom.

what's wrong?

they're kicking me out.

so disrespectful.


i'm lulu felix.

you can't do this.


my interview.


my interview, diana.

interview me.

>> ok, divine, dear, sweetheart.

well, lulu felix, are you ready

to know what our judges have to


>> sure, as always.

>> let's see what luis coronel


>> lulu, i love you take 100%

responsibility on stage.

you get in your character; you

believe it ytourself, winning

prizes, talking to the public,

to everyone.

i loved it, i loved it.

but i feel you lack some

difference between characters.

you need more difference between


tonight, lu, i give you a 2.

>> 2.

>> thank you.

>> well, we go there, 2, we'll

work on it.

ok, royce.

oh my god.

>> i liked it.

i liked it.

i don't agree 100% with luis,

but i feel i liked more the last


i liked, but it lacked


i give it a 3.

>> 3.


>> thank you for pleasing us

with another character.

i really liked it specially the

eyebrow, very felix-esque.

there was some nice details.

but i agree a little with luis,

in looking for another angle, so

it doesn't look like the other


>> 2 points, ok.

>> thank you.

>> we have, substract, multiply,


you know how much?

>> wait.

>> 2, 4.


>> 7 points, dear.


>> thank you.

>> there we go.

and we are going to improve,

aren't we?

>> yes.

>> we'll keep improving.

so, hey, lunnarena, one

question, tu played a diva now.

i wanna ask you, don't look at

the judges.

tell me.

>> what?

>> do you think our judges are

somewhat divas.

>> sometimes.

i don't know.

>> really?

>> let me see.

>> look at them, look at them,


you think so?

>> i think when they have to be

divas, they are a little.

>> you think so?

>> but when they don't have to,

they are not.

>> ok, let's do something.

>> what?

>> go to their dressing rooms

and see what is there.

>> let's see if they're divas.

>> shh.

to see if they're divas.

ok, go.

>> wait.


>> oh.

no, royce, i tried to stop her,

but i couldn't.

we'll return to pequeños

gigantes usa.

>> we continue on pequeños

gigantes usa.

i'm here with alejandro and

sebastian from the rebels.

are you ready?


time to preapre.

there they go, my boys.

go to the stage.

while they prepare, let me tell

you they will dance daddy

yankee's song "la bomba", winner

of "lo nuestro" urban song of

the year award on 2013.

there they are.

go, gigantes.





>> all right, alejandro,


come here, guys.

let's see what our judges say.


>> i love it.

i love their energy on stage,

that is remarkable, the dance

wery well together.

>> good team.

good team.

>> there was something, i didn't


i think we're following the same

steps, the same steps, each


i'm asking for more


i think one of you took some

steps earlier than the other


and you're together, you're a

team, you have to do it


tonight i'll give you 2.

>> 2.

well guys, there we go, let's

go for more.


>> well, i agree with luis, i

felt the coordination was off.

it seemed you were bumping into

each other.

i give you a 2.

>> oh, 2.

you are making me suffer.

ok, bianca.

>> hi, hi.

i don't agree with either of


>> that.



>> look, even if they both have

diffferent styles, i was really

impressed how coordinated they


i would love to see something

more difficult, surprise us next


but pretty well.

>> 3.


so we have 7 points for you


remember, you have to keep

working, right?

to do it better each time.


well, perfect, how about we take

a break, but when we get back,

it's time to listen to hadasha,

from the "mega minis".

so don't move, we continue

getting points for our teams, in

pequeños gigantes usa.

>> this is the presindent's

month, yes or no?

>> yes.

>> that was something a lot of

kids didn't know.

>> but they do know about


>> yes.

>> how many presidents have the

united states had?

>> 60.

>> oh.

>> 8 presidents.

>> like 100.

>> what does a president do?

all right, miss alison.

>> you can call me alison,

because i'm not a grownup like


>> from which political party

are you from?

>> not like sports, not like


>> no, those are soccer teams.

>> we got confused.

>> who does this figure


>> from the 80's, 90's?

>> alison, you will fall.

>> if i fall, you pick me up.

>> you are such a beauty here in

front of us.

>> oh my god, my god.

>> i can't take my eyes off you.

>> thank you.

>> let's see.

i'm here with hashada from the

"mega minis".

hey, that was an interesting

conversation, greeting to maria

antonieta collins.

>> hi.

>> hi.

we love her a lot.

>> yes.

>> hey, you, let's say you were

the president, what measures

would you take?

>> i would give home to the

poor, those who need it.

and i would give them the


>> oh, well.


now, hadasha, you told me i

was here on the cellphone,


>> yes.

>> a notice arrived, and i want

to share it with you.

it says the new administration

decided that now classes, right?

school will be on monday,

tuesday, wednesday, thursday,

friday, saturday and sunday.

>> oh.

i don't think trump said that.

>> i just read it here.

>> let me see.

>> wait, let me look for it.

but what do you think, while i

look for it, tell me what do you



you wouldn't mind, because

you're a good student, i think.

>> oh, yes.

i got my scholarship, i got 6 on



6 thousand trophies.

>> 6 thousand trophies.


while i celebrate on saturday

and sunday relaxing at home,

hadasha will go to school.

it's a joke, dear, that's not


you go from monday to friday to

school, but we are ready for

your presentation, ok?

time to prepare.

just so you see, i tried to play

a joke on her and she ended up

playing it on me.

she is singing "que te pasa"

from yuri, which received "lo

nuestro" pop song of the year

award in 1989.

there she is, hadasha.

go, giant.


(singing in spanish)


>> all right.


wery well.


bianca, what do you say.

>> ok, such a dear, hadasha.

>> thank you.

>> finally all your, your

personality, very well.

>> thank you.

>> your vocals, are very nice.

>> thank you.

>> we liked it, baby.

>> 3 points, hadasha.

let's see what royce says.

>> well, i liked it.

i think the tuning was off at

certaing parts, but i liked i

saw an evolution comparing last


so i give it 3.

>> 3 points, dear.

this heart is racing, but, well.

let's see, luis.

>> hadasha, i love your tuning,

is always on point.

i noticed a problem on the


you were a little shy.

you were scared and you have to

lose it and own the stage.

tonight i give you a 2.

>> 2.

so you have 8 points, hadasha.

keep working, ok?

and relax, because saturday and

sunday you will stay at home.


we only have one performance

left and it's in charge of

almany, from "peques flow".

we'll be back in a few minutes,

here in pequeños gigantes usa.

>> we're back on pequeños

gigantes usa.

i'm here with the one with the


almany from "peques flow".

you look nice.

>> thank you.

>> i needed these glasses,

because the shine from that

jacket you're wearing it's


>> and i have a surprise.

>> you have a surprise for me?

>> sebastian.

>> i'm coming, i'm coming.

>> i'm gonna teach you to have


>> sebastian, are you gonna

teach me?

>> the first.

>> it's 3 things.

>> 3 things.

>> 3 things.

>> tell me.

>> the first one is getting


>> getting dressed.

you are getting me dressed up.

>> let's dress her up.

let's dress her up.

that's it.

all right, perfect.

>> this is for having flow like


i have to wear this.

>> that's it.

>> the sunglasses.

>> very important.

>> ...the dress.

>> oh my god.

all right, all right.

>> the chain.

>> the chain is very imnportant,


oh, look, they put hearts on it.

i love it.

what else?

>> so, what is the second?

>> second is attitude.

>> that's the most important,


>> how is attitude?

>> attitude ups the media.

>> i already have it, like this.

>> wait, seba.

wait, seba.

i knew i was missing something.

>> that's it.

>> daddy yankee itself.

>> and the third one is rap.

>> the rap.


>> we're going to do it


>> wait.

>> i can lear too, i can learn


♪ hi, i'm seba ♪.

♪ and i'm giselle ♪.

♪ and we're in pequeños usa ♪.

>> eh!

>> each time we do it better,

how was it?

how was it?

>> you dropped my jaw.

>> ok.

>> an applausse.

>> we have to practice, right?

it's a good thing the judges

won't give points to us.

sebastian did better than i.


you are ready, almany, yes?

time to prepare.

>> that's it.

>> that's all.

>> as ready as i'll be.

>> as ready as i'll be.

look, seba, we're going to

present the rapper of the

"peques flow", almany, with the

song "echa pa'alla".

>> echa pa'alla.

>> from pitbull, who won "lo

nuestro" urban artist and urban

song award from 2014.

>> upa!

>> so let's say it all together:

go, gigante!

look, a helicopter and



(singing in spanish)


>> all right, almany.

let's hear our judges.

are you ready?

let's see, luis.

>> almany, look, you surprised


your energy, your rap, your


i think's it's amazing.

i liked a lot, almany.

tonight you surprised me.

>> 4 points.

>> thank you, thank you.

>> ok, royce.

>> well, i liked a lot, i liked

the flow.

i felt like it needed a little

more movement.

>> oh, oh, oh.

>> i think it looked like other

performances, but i liked it.

>> 3.

>> thank you, thank you.

>> royce.

we have to be thankful, but we

want more.

>> yes.

>> we want more.

ok, bianca.

>> almany, i see show after show

your confidence grows.

i asked you...

>> that.

>> i asked you choreography,

there was more choreography, you

moved more, we had a really good


>> 5, 5, 5!

>> 3, ok.

>> step by step.

>> we're ok.

there we go, step by step,


i mean, wait i have to add,

substract, multiply and divide.

how much is it?

>> 10.

>> he already added.

>> 10.

he added.

perfect, 10 points to almany and

his "peques flow".

congratulations, dear.


and with almany, the

performances are over.

and, people, it's time to see

how the teams are now.

there they are.

"pequeños guerreros" have 6


"super peques" and the "rebels"

both have 7.

the "megaminis" have 8 points.

the "peques flows", 10 points.

and the "mvpg" have 13 points.

congratulations karol g.

there's marilyn and jerick.

and remember we're accumulating

points for the teams, so

tomorrow we have to keep

fighting, because this can

change, it can change, so now

you know.

>> tomorrow and wednesday too,

of course.

>> and wednesday we'll get the


>> i'm gonna tell you one more


remember this week will have

only one winner.

and they will go to "lo nuestro"

awards with me.

and we'll walk on the carpet.

it's my first carpet.

>> oh, wonderful.

>> and meet our favorite


and you at home can sse it at


>> exactly.

so we excpect you tomorrow here

on pequeños gigantes usa.


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