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Resumen de La Rosa de Guadalupe capítulo 'Renuncia de amor'

15 Ene 2021 – 08:00 PM EST

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but i know you're the love of my life.rosa: and you're mine. you came into my life whenfernando: a girl. julieta: why didn't you mentionher? who is she? where does she come from?fernando: her name's rosita, i met her at the warehousefernado: mom, we need to talk. julieta: son, look who's here.fernando: hello, solange, good to see you.solange: same here, fer. you're as handsome as you werelooking for my son. rosa: i really have to talk tohim, would you call him, please? julieta: he's busy right now,to know he'll be a dad. julieta: why am i not surprisedyou use that trick to trap my son?breath, dear, breath. help me.minerva: i don't like it when she gets blue.rosa: i'm glad she didn't get the asma spell.rosa: she's nothing to you. you rejected her when she wascoming. julieta: what if i told youthere's no medication. julieta: don't waste more time,she'll have a better life with her dad than the oneyou can give her. saving her life depends on you,but if you keep her, you're killing her.she's yours and rosita's. but she'll grow with yousolange: you're a dear, thanks. lupe: of course, you're the bestis in every store. rosa: to think this was theexact store they fired me from thanks to fernando's mother.rosa: what about... this one?rosa: your mom said you didn't care about me.fernando: my mom, she always manipulated me.but not anymore, that's why i'm here to ask for yourit's been a long time since i'm not with her.fernando: she has something important to tell you.and please listen. lupe: she has nothing to tellme. i want her out of my liferejected is your real mother.

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