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La Rosa de Guadalupe - 'En busca del perdón'

22 Ene 2021 – 12:00 AM EST

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i'm home!xóchitl: what did you buy me? jazmín: your new high schooluniform, because that's what you need.xóchitl: just that? jazmín: of course not.i also bought you some clothes that were on sale.xóchitl: but you bought my sister more clothes.jazmín: because she's in prep school and she has no uniform.but i also bought hers on sale so that you wouldn't sayi give preferential treatment to any of you.xóchitl: but you do! you always buy my sisterthe best things and i just get the leftovers.melisa: that's not true, but we can share our clothesif you want. i don't mind.xóchitl: your clothes are too big for me.besides, you have an awful taste.jazmín: please, don't argue. we buy you what you need.when you enter prep school, we'll buy youa different kind of clothes. xóchitl: i have no option,but i can't stand it that you prefer my sister.melisa: don't listen to her. you know that xóchitlexaggerates everything. she'll feel better later.[knocking on door] xóchitl: who is it?horacio: your mother told me that you had an argumentbecause you didn't agree with the clothes she bought for you.xóchitl: try to understand me, dad.she always buys the worst things for me,but she buys melisa the things she wants.horacio: i try to understand you, but please tryto understand us. you know we don't have money nowto buy you both the uniforms and everyday clothes.xóchitl: but i can't wear my uniform when i go outwith friends. horacio: you're making it looklike you have no clothes at all, xóchitl.xóchitl: but melisa has more clothes than me.horacio: your mother already explained you whyand you have to understand it. your mother and i love you boththe same, but you have different needs.xóchitl: okay, let's not argue anymore.i want us to get on well at my 15th birthday party.we have to start planning it. horacio: about that--we won't be able to throw a party.xóchitl: why? mom and you had told me you would.horacio: we thought that the shop would be sellingbetter, but it's not. listen, i promise i'll savemoney so that you have the best party next year--xóchitl: why would i want a party next year?i'm turning 15 this year. horacio: i want you to havea party too, but it's not possible.i made my sums and we don't have enough money.xóchitl: but you did have money for melisa's party, right?horacio: our financial situation was different at that time.xóchitl: if you really wanted to hold a party for me,you'd ask for a loan, but my sister has always beenyour favorite. xóchitl: don't say that againbecause you know it's not true. it's neither your mother's,nor your sister's, nor my fault that the sales dropped.xóchitl: you always have an excuse to do nothing for me!always! melisa: what's wrong?we can hear your shouting from the outside.xóchitl: as usual, you're their favorite.i don't like being your sister. i hate it that my parents lovemelisa more than me. my father says they don't havemoney, but if they wanted to, they would hold my 15th birthdayparty. >> how bad, xó's the bad part of being the youngest daughter.the oldest one always gets the best things.xóchitl: that's why i hate melisa.with that angel look of hers, she makes my parents give herall she wants. sandra: hi, i wanted to inviteyou to my 15th birthday party. my parents booked the bestreception room to hold it, so you can't miss it.xóchitl: let's see if it's true. you're always very conceitedand i'm sure it won't be as great as you say it will.sandra: i'm not like you! by the way, where will yourparty take place? you're also about to turn 15.xóchitl: no, i won't hold a party, that's silly.i'll get a trip on a cruise. sandra: don't lie! you'll onlyget on a canoe at xochimilco. i don't think your parentscan afford more than that. xóchitl: how would you know?i don't know where to yet, but i'll go on a trip.sandra: i think you're adopted because my sister was melisa'sclassmate and she said melisa's 15th birthday party was awesome.but you won't even get a cake because your parents don't loveyou because you're not their daughter.let's go. jazmín: why didn't you comefor lunch? xóchitl: because i was doingmy homework. jazmín: you should've phoned me.xóchitl: what for, mom? you don't care about me.jazmín: not again, please. xóchitl: it's the classmates are making fun of me because i won't havea 15th birthday party. i think they're rightwhen they say i'm adopted. jazmín: stop talking're my daughter. why do you pay attentionto what people say if we've always shown you how muchwe care about you? xóchitl: you don't seem to treat me as if you couldn't care less.get out of the way! jazmín: i don't know how to makeyour sister see i love you both the same.melisa: she's mad because she won't have a party, patient with her. jazmín: i'm patient.i'm patient because i love you both the samebecause you're my daughters. but sometimes i can't handleher. go to your english lessonbecause it's getting late. bye, mom.take care. jazmín: take care, honey.melisa: yes, see you later. >> once we're on this side,the patrol car won't see us. we'll be okay here.give me a second. what's up, meli?shall i walk with you? melisa: i wouldn't even goto the corner with you, so stop bothering me.>> wow, you're very delicate. i'm not a swine.melisa: but you're useless, and i don't want peopleto see me with you. i don't want them to thinki'm like you. >> why don't you let me--jeez, the more you say no, the more i want to be with you.melisa: but i'm not crazy. i know what you and that bunchof lazy guys you're with do. everybody in the neighborhoodknow what you do. i don't like thieves.>> but i have to earn money some way or the other.but i'll treat you as a queen. melisa: you're clearly silly.don't talk to me again. >> oh!bye! you see?how come it's better? as i was saying...xóchitl: i don't know what to do to have a party or go on a trip,but i don't want sandra to make fun of me.>> it's very complicated. both things are very expensive.xóchitl: i know. i'll phone my grandmawith an excuse, but i'll make sandrashut her mouth. sandra: what? are you tryingto get a boat to go rowing at chapultepec?i'm sure that's the cruise you're going to take.xóchitl: stop making fun of me. you'll have to swallow yourwords when i come back from my trip.sandra: you'll have to swallow your words when your birthdaycomes and you get neither a trip nor a party.accept it, xóchitl, your parents don't love you.>> ladies, i hope you're warmed up.before the training, i wanted to ask you to bringyour birth certificates so that i can enroll you in the schoolsvolleyball competition. i need them as soon as possibleso that i can enroll you all, okay? come on.xóchitl, minerva, come on. let's form teams.come here, everybody. the ball, please.jazmín: i'm glad you arrive, honey.please turn the soup off in ten minutes.i have to go to the bank. xóchitl: okay.jazmín: i won't take long. xóchitl: mom, i need my birthcertificate to enter the volleyball competition.jazmín: okay, i'll give it to youwhen i come back. xóchitl: if i had been melisa,she would've given it to me immediately.i won't wait for her. oh, where does my motherkeep our certificates? let's see if it's it is. what's this?is melisa adopted? my sister is an adopted child.horacio: how was your day? melisa: awesome, seems i'm going to pass two subjects this term.horacio: congratulations, honey. you always make us feel proudof you. xóchitl: we don't seemto be sisters at all. jazmín: stop talking nonsense,let's have a peaceful dinner-- xóchitl: i'm not talkingnonsense, mom. you treat us so differentlythat it looks like one of us is not your daughter.horacio: you make distinctions, xóchitl.we've tried to show you we love you both the same,but you don't see it. xóchitl: you show it to mein a very weird way. you may deny it, but you make usfeel melisa and i are very different.days later melisa: i'm sorry, xóchitl,but i'm going to use that hair-band, that's why i left itthere. xóchitl: but i need itfor the competition. melisa: i can lend youanother one. pick the one you like.xóchitl: i want this one. you can pick another one.melisa: that's the one that matches my clothesand it's unfair for me to pick another one just becauseyou want it! xóchitl: it's not fair that youhave the best things because you have no right to.i don't know why you're my parent's favoriteif you don't deserve it. melisa: i'm not their favorite.i just respect them and behave. xóchitl: that's the leastyou could do considering they picked you up.melisa: what do you mean? xóchitl: what you were adopted. you already know're not my parents daughter. you're here becausethey pity you. you see i was not lying?my parents rescued you when you were a baby.melisa: it can't be true! please, tell me it's not true.tell me i'm your daughter. jazmín: of course you are, meli.i didn't have you in my womb, but you're our daughter.horacio: when we carried you in our arms for the first time,we considered you our daughter and we've always consideredyou so. melisa: why didn't you tell me?why did you lie to me all this time?jazmín: because we thought it was the best for you.melisa: how could a lie be the best for me?horacio: we're sorry, honey. we love you so muchthat we didn't want to hurt you. melisa: who are my parents?jazmín: why do you want to know? melisa: how come why?i have the right to know who abandoned me.horacio: one of the employees who worked in the shopgot pregnant with you, but she couldn't take care of you.that's why we adopted you, because your mother and i knewthat we could give you the love she couldn't give to you.melisa: what happened to her? where is she?horacio: we don't know. she gave you up for adoptionand she abandoned the city. we never heard of her again.melisa: you should've told me all that when i was a girlbecause i don't know if i'll be able to forgive younow, i don't know! jazmín: honey, please!horacio: let her go. let her be alone.she needs time to take in what we've just told her.we'll talk with her again later. jazmín: why did you tellyour sister she's adopted? xóchitl: that's the truth.i'm not lying, am i? jazmín: you didn't haveto tell her! xóchitl: but i did, so well.jazmín: breakfast's ready. melisa: i'm not hungry.jazmín: you have to eat. it's not good to go outon an empty stomach. xóchitl: don't beg her, mom.she should be grateful that you care about her consideringshe's an abandoned girl. jazmín: xóchitl,don't ever call your sister that again.xóchitl: melisa is not my sister.and i hate it that she's your favorite instead of mebecause i'm your true daughter! >> fancy seeing you here.melisa: don't bother me. i'm not in the moodfor your jokes. >> i don't bother you.i just want to show you that i'm really interestedin you. melisa: you just want to havefun with me. >> i sure don't!i'm really interested in you. why do you thinki insist so much? melisa: okay, i'll give youthe chance to date me because it seems you're the onlyone who's honest to me. xóchitl: i don't know why you'remad at me if it wasn't me who lied to melisa!horacio: you had no right to tell her anything.that's why we'll punish you. xóchitl: are you still againstme even though i'm your true daughter?jazmín: you behave as if you weren' seems you enjoy making this family suffer.xóchitl: because melisa deserves to suffer!she's always so perfect and you're always proud of her.but you don't approve of anything i do!horacio: because you do things without thinking.don't you see your jealousy has destroyed your family?you wanted to hurt melisa, but you've also hurt us.xóchitl: you know what? i don't regret telling melisayou picked her off the streets. how long will i be punished?horacio: until you understand and admit you're wrong.if you don't apologize to us and to melisa,you won't be allowed to go out. xóchitl: i'll never come outagain because i won't apologize to that scrounger.i can't believe melisa is still their favorite.i have to find the way to make melisa go away forever.days later [doorbell rings]melisa: open the door. xóchitl: you open it.i'm not your servant. >> good afternoon.i'm looking for melisa. melisa: it's me.who are you? >> you look beautiful!melisa: you're crazy! tell me who you areor i'll close the door. >> wait,it's not so easy for me. i'm here to tell youthat i'm your true mother. [music][music] melisa: what you've just saidis stupid. >> its not's true that i'm your true mother.melisa: why did you come? what do you want from me?>> i want you to forgive me for having abandoned you.melisa: really? it's easy for you to turn up and haven't even told me why you abandoned me.>> because i couldn't take care of you.i was a drug addict. melisa: not only a drug addict,but also a drug addict. >> no, i'm clean now.i quitted drugs three years ago. seriously.jazmín: what are you doing here? >> i came for my daughter.melisa: don't call me daughter! why didn't you tell me thatmy mother was a drug addict? why? how many more lieswill you tell me, huh? >> what's wrong, honey?why are you mad? melisa: because things aregetting worse and worse at my true mother came back now. can you believe it?>> wow, they're going too far. they'll drive you crazy.melisa: i don't know what to do, i swear.>> don't pay your crazy family any attention.have some beers with us. if you don't forget yourproblems, you'll at least have fun.melisa: hi. >> hi.melisa: i don't know why i didn't say yes to you're the only one who understands me.horacio: i came as fast as i could.there's not much to say, just go away, have nothing to do here. stop hurting us.susana: i won't go away because i'm willingto recover my daughter. horacio: which daughter?you have no daughter! you resigned her the dayyou run away for your drugs. susana: but i've changed.i've been rehabilitated for three years and i havethe right to have a chance. horacio: but you have no rightto destroy our family. since melisa got to knowshe's adopted, everything has been'll make things worse now. susana: i'm sorry, but i didn'thide the truth to her. i know i've been wrong,but you've been wrong too. jazmín: maybe you're right,but we did it to protect her from you.we knew it would hurt her a lot to know her motherhad abandoned her for drugs. you could see she was hurt.susana: that's why i want to be close to melisa,so that she forgives me for my mistakes and accepts meas her mother! horacio: i beg you no to makethings worse. susana: i'm daughter already knows about meand i'll fight for her! horacio: we have to be strong,honey. we can't give up now.jazmín: i won't give up. we still have to face manythings, but i won't lose my daughter because melisais our daughter. honey, i'm glad you're home.we were very worried about you. melisa: don't worry about me.i'm not even your relative. horacio: meli, please,don't be on the defensive with us.we'll never stop loving you. melisa: guess're wasting your time. i don't know if i'll love you.bye. jazmín: did you realizeshe was drunk? horacio: yes,but i didn't tell her off to avoid making matters worse.we'll talk to her when she's all right.[music] [music]xóchitl: stop making noise! i'm trying to sleep!melisa: that's not my problem, so don't bother me.xóchitl: why don't you go away and leave us in peace?you're just an abandoned child! melisa: listen to me, dumb girl.stop calling me that or i'll break your face,is it clear? xóchitl: melisa is unbearable,mom. you should kick her outof the house. jazmín: we won't do that at all.your father and i will do all we can to make her staywith us and to make things go back to normal.xóchitl: so you'll kick me out, then?jazmín: you should've thought that before telling melisashe's adopted and before asking her mother to come for her.i know it was you the one who called susana.did you think we wouldn't realize?xóchitl: i just wanted to get rid of melisa.i hate it that she's your favorite!jazmín: i'm tired of you repeating that with no reason!you're a very spoiled girl. you've just destroyedthis family. don't complain because this isall your fault. jazmín: i'm glad you're awakebecause i want to talk to you. melisa: will you really botherme this early? jazmín: no, honey, not at all.i want us to have a nice talk to solve our problems.melisa: do you think we can solve them?jazmín: if we do our best, yes. don't you miss how wellwe got on? don't you miss our affection?melisa: all that meant nothing to me when i realized you hadlied to me for so many years. jazmín: i admit we were wrong,but we didn't mean to hurt you. we wanted you to be happy.melisa: but i'm not happy! i'm very unhappy becauseof your lies! i'll have a shower.jazmín: i won't give up, virgin. i'll keep trying to gainmelisa's forgiveness and to recover her love.melisa: we should move together. i can't stand my mother anymore.>> i would love to, honey, but there's not even space forme in the terrace roof i live. melisa: what shall i do, then?i won't stand my mother my whole life.>> give me some time, honey. we'll find the way to take youout of your house. melisa: what are you doing?>> why do you ask if you already know?i need shorts but i have no money, so the shop will haveto help me. melisa: they'll realize.>> i've done it before and nothing should do the same. i don't think your parentswill keep giving you money. don't say no.i'll teach you how to do it so that they don't'll see it's very easy. you'll be able to getwhat you want. hello, my princess.are you ready to become a thief? melisa: yes, and i'm wearingthis jacket to hide the things i steal.i'll steal the bracelets i wanted so much.susana: melisa, i'm glad i met you.i was going to your house. melisa: what do you want?susana: i want to talk with you and to make it up.i brought you this. i hope you like it.melisa: this trashy gift won't make me change my mind.susana: i don't want that. i just want you to give mea chance to see you and to show you how much i regrethaving abandoned you. melisa: i don't care if youregret it and you can keep your gifts because i don't wantanything from you! susana: honey,honey... [cries]honey... jazmín: how did you getall those things? melisa: why don't you knock?jazmín: answer me! how did you get these things?melisa: i stole them, so? any problem?[music] [music]jazmín: how come you stole them? melisa: i was very clear.jazmín: why did you do it, melisa?melisa: because i wanted to! don't tell me off!jazmín: i won't let you do something that's wrong!melisa: you'll have to let me because you're nobody to tellme not to, you're not my mother! jazmín: even if you've forgottenall the love we've given to you, i don't forget i'll find the way to make you stop stealing.melisa: we'll see, but get out of my room unless you want meto push you out! jazmín: would you dare?melisa: i definitely would, so get out of hereor i'll kick you out. jazmín: please, help me, virgin.i can't lose my daughter. i didn't give her birth,but melisa is my daughter. i beg you please to help usseek forgiveness together. help me, holy mother.i need to gain her affection back to make her be a good girlagain. melisa: a rose?how did it get here? maybe i just didn't see itand it belongs to the silly of xó, i'll leave it to the virgin. it's so beautiful that it wouldbe a crime to throw it away. jazmín: where are you going to?melisa: isn't it obvious? i'm going out.jazmín: you'll go stealing, so you won't go anywhere.melisa: you can't stop me, so move aside!jazmín: i won't unless you swear you won't steal again.let's look for help together. melisa: you're the one who needshelp because you're a liar! move now!jazmín: i said i won't! melisa: i'm fed up of you!i won't stand you anymore, so i'll move with my true motherto avoid seeing you. get out![doorbell rings] susana: melisa, come in!i'm so happy you came to see me! shall i offer you anything?melisa: i just came to ask you one thing.susana: tell me. melisa: would you let me movewith you? susana: of course i would!i would be very happy to have you by my side.melisa: now you'll get what you wanted so much.i'll move here today. susana: oh, god!honey! honey!we'll be very happy! very happy!my darling! sweetie.jazmín: please, honey, don't go. wait until your fathercomes back to talk to him. melisa: why would i?just tell him what i told you! jazmín: melisa, you can'tabandon us, i beg you, honey. melisa: of course i can becausenothing ties us together! jazmín: but we loved each other.melisa: i stopped loving you the day i learned the truth.jazmín: no, honey! xóchitl: it's not that should be grateful that that nobody went away at last.jazmín: don't dare tell me anything because i won't forgetit was your fault that i lost one of my daughters.xóchitl: she's not yours. jazmín: in my heart, she isand she'll still be my daughter! i hope you're got rid of your sister. but you also tookhalf of my life away. i hope you're happywith my suffering. susana: i'm happy you're home,honey, come in. i'll show you your bedroom.>> won't you introduce us? susana: i'm sorry, i'm soexcited that i didn't realize. he's my partner, manuel.manuel: nice to meet you, melisa, i hope we can get onvery well. melisa: we'll see.i'll tell my boyfriend where i live so that he can visit me.susana: okay, honey. manuel: we'll discuss thatlater, i don't think it's a good idea to let a boy i don't evenknow enter the house. susana: let's not talk aboutthat now. the important thing is thatmy daughter will live with us. manuel: susana is right.we can talk about that later. the good thing is that a prettygirl like you is going to live with us.[door opens] melisa: why are you here?get out of my room. manuel: shut up.i won't miss the chance to give a pretty girl like youthe welcome she deserves. melisa: you're crazy!get out or i'll call susana! manuel: you'll enjoy it![music] [music]susana: i hate you! i hate you! [screams][cries] go away, honey!go away before he wakes up! [cries][knocking on door, bell rings] horacio: who is it?melisa: [crying] it's melisa. open the door,! jazmín: what happened, honey?melisa: susana has a partner and he tried to rape me.jazmín: oh, honey. melisa: [cries]>> are you capable of giving your testimony?susana: i feel better now. but no matter what,i'll go to the police station to make sure this swineis locked up for trying to rape my daughter.melisa: and although susana tried to defend me,she couldn't do it because manuel hit her.i don't know how i did it, but i could hit him.horacio: that swine has to pay for what he did to you.jazmín: we'll make sure he does. the important thing isthat he couldn't harm our daughter.melisa: i should've never abandoned the house,but i didn't expect anybody to try to rape me.jazmín: you're home now, honey. nobody will hurt you here.we'll always defend you. we love you more than'll always be our daughter, always.melisa: even though i treated you very badly, you still wantme to be with you? jazmín: of course, honey.your mistakes will never be bigger than the love we havefor you. melisa: there's no love biggerthan that of our parents. the pain had blinded meand i didn't want to understand. but i'll changeand i'll look for help. i'll do any therapyor whatever it takes to seek forgiveness.susana: you don't have to worry about manuel anymore.he was accused of attempted rape.melisa: although he was your partner, it's goodthat he was imprisoned. i appreciate you're doingthis for me. susana: i won't ever again letanything be more important than you.that's why i want you to stay. melisa: try to understand me.i have to be with my parents, but that doesn't meani'll get away from you. i just need time to assimilatewhat's going on in my life. susana: it hurts me,but i understand you. i don't want to put pressureon you. i just beg you not to forgetthat i'm here to give you all the love i didn't give youbefore because i was silly. melisa: and i'll come visit youto receive that love. susana: can i hug you?melisa: of course you can, mom. susana: [cries]xóchitl: i'm happy you're back. melisa: i'm also happy.i just hope we get on well now. xóchitl: yes, melisa.i don't want to see my mother suffering because of my was very silly to be jealous of you.melisa: our parents love us both the same.maybe as we don't have much money now, it looks like theydon't, but you know that they havenever given any of us preferential treatment.xóchitl: yes, i know. i was very silly,but i won't argue with you again because i don't want to be madat my sister. jazmín: those of us who had hadthe blessing of becoming parents would sometimes love to havea handbook on how to avoid making mistakes and whatthe best way to raise and guide our children matter if we conceived them or adopted them,our heart received our children with a lot of love.but we're human beings and we make mistakes.maybe we think we're doing the best, but we're lyingto them and hiding something as important as their's something very delicate. if we feel we don't knowhow to handle the situation, we have to look for the helpof experts to guide us. that way we'll avoid hurtingthe people we love the most: our children.don't fill them with bitter feelings.if we make any mistake, we should always rememberthe love that make us be a's only together that we can seek forgiveness.>> ♪ from the sky on a beautiful morningfrom the sky on a beautiful morningthe virgin of guadalupe the virgin of guadalupethe virgin of guadalupe came down to tepeyac>> the virgin told juan dieguito the virgin told juan dieguitoshe had chosen that mountain she had chosen that mountainshe had chosen that mountain to turn it into her altar>> the virgin of guadalupe the virgin of guadalupethe virgin of guadalupe came down to tepeyac ♪

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