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  • Tekashi69 locked up in NYC

    Tekashi69 locked up in NYC

    He was arrested Wednesday at the airport
  • Raúl de Molina logró que el traje de piloto le entrara en su visita al IndyCar Series de Toronto (aunque…)

    Raúl de Molina logró que el traje de piloto le entrara en su visita al IndyCar Series de Toronto (aunque…)

    El Gordo recordó que durante el IndyCar de 2018 no entró en el traje de copiloto que le dieron para un recorrido por la pista. En esta ocasión le ocurrió un percance que lo dejó 'vestido y alborotado'.
  • It's another Super Tuesday! What to expect in the March 15 primaries

    It's another Super Tuesday! What to expect in the March 15 primaries

    It's Super Tuesday again! What to expect in the March 15 primaries
  • 20 Parenting Hacks to Make Life Easier and More Fun for You and Your Kids!

    20 Parenting Hacks to Make Life Easier and More Fun for You and Your Kids!

    Yes, being a parent is incredibly rewarding, but let’s face it… with all that we juggle during the day – every day, we could use a shortcut or two to simplify our life, can’t we? Here are 20 simple parenting hacks to help make life a little easier and more fun for you and your kids! 1. If you have more than one child, use the dot method to identify their clothing. Use a permanent marker to mark two dots in the inside back collar area for the second child, three dots for the third child, and so on. 2. Use empty lotion bottles as faucet extenders to encourage little ones to wash their hands on their own! (One of my favorite parenting hacks!) 3. A cheap shower caddy makes a great place to hold food and drinks in the car! 4. Use an inflatable pool as a baby playpen! 5. Keep the kids from locking themselves in the bathroom by using a rubber band like this. 6. Teach kids to put their shoes on the correct feet by cutting a fun character sticker in half and placing them on the insides of their shoes. Kids will have fun matching up the stickers when putting on their shoes! 7. Prevent your kids from wasting plastic cups or leaving them lying around the house with these DIY magnetic cups! 8. Scare away monsters with this “No Monsters Spray”. Decorate a spray bottle with monster stickers and when your little one gets scared in the night, you can spray away the scares… or they can even do it themselves! 9. Use a laundry basket to keep bath toys from floating away. It also keeps the child from having to reach for a toy and falling over into the water. 10. Turn chores into a fun game! (I’ve had great success with this one!) 11. Add a lint roller to your craft room. It’s great for picking up little messes! 12. Teach your child to hold a pencil the right way using just a wad of tissue with this trick! 13. Make splinter removals less painful. Put a paste of baking soda and water on the splinter and leave for a few minutes. The baking soda will push the splinter out for easy removal. 14. No-mess painting for the littles! Add three dollops of different colored paint into a resealable plastic bag so your baby can create all kinds of colorful designs without the mess! 15. Use puffy fabric paint to paint a grip on the bottom of your toddlers socks! 16. Make ahead a week’s worth of baby food by freezing baby sized portions in an ice tray. 17. Transform a closet into a school-center! Perfect for home schooling households! 18. Keep pacifiers clean in your baby bag or purse with “sauce to go” containers. 19. Use a little tape to catch toenail clippings! (Genius!) 20. Store & Organize LEGOs by color using hanging shoe storage bags! (Another one of my favorites… because it greatly reduces the EXCRUCIATING pain from stepping on them too!)
  • 5 Luxurious Activities for Couples

    5 Luxurious Activities for Couples

    My husband and I had eight whole years of quiet dinners together, long exotic vacations, and extra money to spend on our personal hobbies before we had kids. Fast forward to the present and our “Activities for Couples” list has become less about us and more about our kids. Totally normal and quite frankly, we wouldn’t have it any other way but it’s nice to remember why we agreed to spend our lives together and have kids in the first place. These are five of our “luxurious” activities for couples that renew our commitment and passion for each other. 1. TV Time – I know it sounds counter-intuitive to plop yourselves in front of a TV for quality time together but for us, watching a show that doesn’t involve jumping characters or talking balloons is a real luxury. We’ve always been big fans of the cinema so catching up on the latest movie from one of our favorite directors while the kids are sleeping in their beds? Such a great way for us to connect and talk, like adults. Hard to imagine, I know. 2. Working Through Stress – As you all know, kids are absolutely amazing and exhausting all at the same time. Even when you’re not together, you are constantly stressed out about and for your kids. As a couple, that stress needs to go somewhere and often it’s projected at the other parent. It’s in everyone’s favor that you figure out other ways to relieve stress whether it be running, watercolor, or yoga. Check out this great article on how to give your partner a great massage from SheKnows. 3. The Little Things – Do you know what that cabinet above your stove top is really for? It’s the perfect place to store your grown-up stash of exotic chocolates, expensive booze, or fine cigars. Wait until the kids are asleep and enjoy every nibble, sip, or puff without a single shred of guilt. You both deserve this. 4. Spend It Like You Got It – Remember how I said my husband and I use to have all this surplus money to spend on our interests and hobbies? That flew right out the window around the time we were installing car seats in our minivan. Between saving for rainy days, vacations, and college, money doesn’t last long in our house anymore. It’s okay to splurge on an expensive meal for the two of you or to drop the cash on a class you can take together. Your marriage and your children will thank you! 5. Secret Moments – The number one luxury my husband and I always make time for? Those secret moments when our eyes lock and the butterflies that I remember from our early days return. Or having him walk up behind and surprise me with a quick kiss to the neck as I’m washing dishes or cooking. It’s those moments that remind us how very lucky we are. What are some other luxurious activities for couples?
  • La hermana Glenda, una monja que con su guitarra logró tener miles de seguidores en todo el mundo

    La hermana Glenda, una monja que con su guitarra logró tener miles de seguidores en todo el mundo

    Primero se declaró atea y luego terminó en un convento. Ahora cansada de estar entre cuatro paredes salió a conquistar el mundo con su guitarra para ayudar a muchas personas.