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La Banda Capítulo 12

Los artistas más importantes de la actualidad estarán presentes en el escenario de La Banda. Jesse y Joy y Calibre 50 serán los invitados especial. Los participantes están nerviosos pero llenos de emoción porque la final cada vez está más cerca.
30 Nov 2015 – 02:00 AM EST

... >> we are alive, coast-to-coast,just about ready to start the program.we are very anxious to see what happens this evening.this is "la banda." last week on "la banda," theboys got to meet some of their idols.three finalists were facing elimination.the judges made a difficult decision.>> -- laura: i am going with erin --aaron. >> allen had to say goodbye tothe competition. tonight, there are ninefinalists. you at home will have 90 secondsto save one of them. jesse joy, one of the mostacclaimed duos in latin american music, and libre 50 will bepresent -- calibre 50 will be present.time to see what happens on "la banda."♪ announcer: let's welcome theonly person who can never be eliminated from "la banda,"alejandra espinoza. [applause]alejandra: hello! first, i need to clear up that ido sing. i do not sing very good, but --of course, our finalists will be performing please welcome to thethe three musical idols who are joining us tonight.first, let's give a welcome to our judges.the formidable laura pausini, the wonderful alejandro sanz,and the world-renowned ricky martin.[applause] welcome to our judges.thank you for being here with us.laura, you look very sexy. [applause]this week was very special because of thanksgiving and theboys worked very hard. they are very excited with theirpracticing. but they had a little time forthemselves. let's see.the finalists for "la banda" have shared many momentstogether. >> this is a little turkey.>> they were grateful for having known each other and these bondscan never be broken. and they found something here on"la banda," a new family. i know that you are all veryimpatient to hear the voice, -- the boys, so let's get going.i want to present to you yell hot, christopher, jaime,richard, and joel. let's look at their we hear withthis "live mas." >> we know there isn't muchtime. it is very important as a groupthat we have to practice and practice.we have to spend a lot of time practicing and sometimes it isdifficult to know who is going to sing what part.>> we do not have much time. every week, we have less, butthe product has to be even better.>> when you guys saying, -- sin g, the owrld shines.i want you to enjoy your time off and we will see you nexttime. >> we are ready to live mas.[applause] ♪[applause] ricky: what a great way to startthe show tonight. give them a round of applause.loud. i really liked it.i liked your chemistry. you seemed really fine-tuned.we have been living with you for so many weeks and there is avery special bond between you. you can tell that.congratulations. laura: that was really beautifulto see and, hearing the harmonies, you were very well --you have equilibrium. it is really was just beautiful. alejandro: they say sometimesthat they look is the best thing you can give after a smile.i just want to say you guys did a great job with both.alejandra: while i have you here next to me, what do you think ofwhat the judges just said to you?it is really good to start, isn't it?>> it is great. every piece of advice, we wantto take it and work harder and harder.thank you. alejandra: thank you to our boysand good luck on the rest of the not move when we get back, aaron, zabdiel, yoandri, anderick will be back to do their performance.later, we find out who are the three boys facing eliminationand who are the five moving on. before that, we want to see howthey enjoyed theiralejandra: we are back here live on "la banda."before we continue, we are going to see the songs from aaron, youon, yoandri -- johann, yoandri, and erick.>> we are going to sing "locked away in our city."♪ >> it is very fun.we have a of details and we get to do a lot of work together.sometimes so little makes a big difference so we have topractice. ♪>> the only person i want to hear this is yoandri andzabdiel. >> the competition goes up everyweek, but we have to find our own rhythm and we are going todo it. ♪>> i think the pressure is higher because we are getting tothe end. we need to do well.>> wake up. we are coming into the fifthweek. you are too used to having sucha low energy. those of you who are greaterhave to bring up the little ones a little do not have any time to do not have any time to lose.♪ ♪[applause] alejandro: i literally just haveto say that i have seen a big improvement this week.i do not think it could have gone much better for youtonight. i really like when you guys areon the straight -- the stage. you are doing a great job.ricky: i do think you looked a little unorganized,unfortunately. yoandri, for a moment, you gotlost up there. we are at a point in thecompetition where you cannot have that have to be really focused and on point.and zabdiel, i think, among everyone else, you saveyourself. you did a great job up have to keep focusing. laura: it is a very excitingnight, obviously. but there were a few errors withyour timing, singing off key. some of that is difficult for usto be able to, we could say, justify, because we are almostat the end. so please focus a little bitmore. thank you.alejandra: thank you to our judges.what do you think about what the judges said?>> well, thank you for everything.we are going to keep on fighting.alejandra: it is good to hear that they are going to keepfighting. above everything, it isimportant that you be happy. we are going to take a briefrate. do not go anywhere.when we get back, jesse joy will sing their hit, "excesses inlove." do you know who your favoriteis? we will tell you soon when wecome back to "la banda." we are back on "labanda." before the next performances, wewant to welcome our guests, jesse and joy.the international success, winners of the latin grammy,winners of the people's choice awards and the youth choiceawards, they are jesse and joy. ♪alejandra: let's hear it they run of applause for jesse andjoy. >> thank you.alejandra: thank you so much for being with us andcongratulations. i love that song.>> thank you. alejandra: and you sing inenglish, too. it is so have had success since you began nine years ago.i would like for you to give some advice to the boys becausei know they always look so humble and i would love for themto have to keep their feet on the ground.>> well, we think that the music is the have to keep that in mind. you have to put a bunch of yourown heart and passion. you have to do it for the loveof music, not for fame. it is a tough road of a lot ofhard work and dedication. you have to put your whole heartinto it. alejandra: thank you so much.i ensure that they are going to put it into practice.alejandra: we are live fromcoast to coast on "la banda." here are the nine finalists.last week, after finishing their solo performances, we opened thevoting line over the last 24 hours and we received votes fromall 50 states, voting from -- for their favorites.i am going to give you the name of the six boys who got themajority of the votes, so they are automatically moving on.remember that the order in which i say your names has nothing todo with the number of votes that you received.all right, let's begin. the first one saved tonight isyou, erick. [applause]also, you, joel. the audience also voted for you,christopher. [applause]you get to stay on for another week as well, richard.[applause] the votes from the fans alsosaved you, johann. and the last boy saved by thevote of the audience was you, yoandri.[applause] all right, boys.please come over here. unfortunately, you guys had theleast amount of votes and that is why you are facingelimination tonight. today, one of you three is goinghome. just a few minutes, the publicwill be able to open the univision conecta app to voteand they will decide among you. laura: i really like the waythat you sing and smile, all of your songs.alejandro: i really like your energy.>> ♪ [applause]alejandra: well, we are going to miss you so much, but we aregoing to keep watching you. your mom is always here with youand always supports you. aaron: i am really grateful.thank you to univision and "la banda" for changing my life.alejandra: thanks to you for sharing with us your talent.we wish you a lot of luck going forward.give us a round of applause for your friend here.well, we are only two weeks away from the big finale, when wewill only have five of these eight talented boys who will getto be part of the new musical phenomenon.theyandatime to continue on wite music.the first finalist comes here with an original version of thesong "odio." christopher velez.>> i know that tomorrow is your birthday.>> it is important for you because it is so important formy family. and at the end, it is hard tohave to be away from those close to you.>> we miss him here. >> happy birthday, my boy.i love you. >> this is something my mom sentto me. very nice.the competition, it is sometimes hard to be away.erick's mom has been tried to help as much as she can and iappreciate it. >> there is a sadness inchristopher that is helping him a lot.he is able to take that tenderness and convert it intohis voice and it is magic. [applause]>> christopher velez. ♪[applause] ricky: it is a little bit out ofyour comfort zone, isn't it? once again, on the stage, youhave magic. you have a lot of charisma andyou should be very happy. you have to stay on for a longtime. really, really great job.laura: look, you know i have been your number one fan fromthe very beginning of christopher.and christopher, you know i always tell you the truth.this song was perhaps not exactly the best one to take youout of your comfort zone. it was a little bit off key andsometimes, your timing, you lost a little bit.please focus on that because you can make it to the end.[applause] alejandro: how is it going,christopher? you said you had to celebrateyour birthday alone, but i want you to know, you are not alonehere. we are with you.[applause] alejandra: thank you to ourjudges and great job, christopher.joel will sing a song from our guest, jesse and joy.let's take a look. >> very excited to sing thissong. >> it is going to be a lot offun, so just enjoy it. it will fly right by.>> we wish you the best. >> thank you.alejandra: all right. joel pimentel.♪ >> when i saw my grandma, it didnot feel real. it felt like a dream.>> it really is a blessing to be here and see him and everythingthat is happening. >> my grandparents have alwaysbeen an example for me and she has always inspired me.she had 11 children. 36 grandchildren.i would like to have a big that. i don't know how i am going toconnect to the song because i have never had a girlfriend, buti am going to imagine in all of the lyrics and i think it isgoing to go well. i do not know which of the fansis going to be my girlfriend, but i just want to sing to allof them. i don't need one to sing thesong. >> joel pimentel.♪ alejandro: well, superman, howare you? good?first thing i want to say, i have got to hear you singsomething that i have never heard before, but i can tell youare doing a lot better. sometimes, it is a littlecomplicated, but keep on putting in the effort and it will keeppaying off the way that it has. ricky: well, your spanishpronunciation is really good. for that, congratulations.i like the person that you are. whatever song you give us, youdo not lie when you sing. you make it yours and that isvery important, so congratulations.keep going. laura: well, you are always muchmore relaxed and more sure of yourself.that all looks great. i love how you are is very important and it is the perfect way to get to theend. [applause]alejandra: well, thank you. getting better week after week.boy leaves everything on the stage every week.he is coming with a song, "i he is jaime cruz.>> the way that i did last week, that is how i want to be.i want to be up there, the best person on the stage.laura: you are perfect for "la banda."ricky: he is great on the stage, but in public, he does not feelin control. laura: he has the magic and hereally connects with the girls. >> onstage, he is one of thebest ones. >> the positive comments fromthe judges have really helped him get has helped me to grow in the competition and it has given memuch more security in what i am doing.i don't have to worry about the public.i am waiting for the moment when the people will appreciate whati am doing. i want to convince them tofollow me. i want to sing, i want to dance,i want to entertain. i want to be in this band.>> jaime cruz. ♪>> good evening, jaime.i liked the second part better because you were more focused onthe lyrics and the time was really beautiful.i also want you to think about what you are sending is a veryimportant and more interesting. thank you.alejandro: jaime, i think you could have done more.the second part, i saw you a little bit more relaxed and youhave to give it all when you are everyone is paying attention to.ricky: jaime, look, all i want is that you are focused.unfortunately, it has been three weeks in a row that we have beentrying to find what the audience needs for what you are doing onstage. we need to continue is really hard to explain. i believe in you.i think that you can be part of need to continue working strong, hard.>> thank you so much to our judges.jaime, we know you have a lot of talent.what do you think is happening? >> i don't know.i am going to continue doing my best.i am thankful that i have an opportunity to be here.>> i know everybody wants you. a round of applause towhen we get back, we are going to get to see richard and we arealso going to listen to calibre 50 performing one of my favoritesongs. alejandra: we continue here livefrom coast to coast. it is "la banda."tonight, a very special connection with his son.he is richard camacho. >> this week, i had to sing "letme down." the most important thing is tofeel it. >> yes.i have to tell you, i was crying downstairs singing it.>> why? >> because it is emotional.i can relate to the song because i have a friend who has friend, actually, we are best and.i invited her to prom. from that moment on, i told hershe was going to be my best friend.she is not doing well right now. it is a song that i think it isgoing to touch her and a lot of people going through the samething and can relate to this type of song.♪ >> honestly, i want to dedicatethis song to her and hope she feels better and show her that ican do anything to help her and make her smile.that is what i give her the most, happiness, so she does nothave to continue suffering like that always.♪ [applause]>> thank you, thank you, thank you.[applause] ricky: richard, honestly, attimes like this, the project of "la banda" is so important thatit makes me so proud to be part of this show because of whatjust happened on stage. you left your soul, your voice,your feeling. congratulations.i think that this is a before and after your career so farwith what just happened. thank you.laura: richard, it is so beautiful to see you soemotional with those eyes. great are a singer and a friend. and i thank you for dedicatingthis song to your rent and sending love to your friend andall of those who are fighting. it is so hard.congratulations. you are a beautiful singer.thank you for being here. alejandro: well, richard, i waswaiting for a moment later this since this show started and youfinally gave it to us. thank you so much.>> richard, i think you'd sang this song so great because youdid it from the bottom of your heart.i would like you to send a message to your friend.>> i love you. i hope you get better.i love you and i will always be here as your friend.alejandra: act stage the kids are gettingsome advice. >> hi, are you doing? i am going to sing a song foryou guys. >> good luck, good luck, havefun. >> there you saw not go anywhere. after the commercial break, weare going to see more performances and the kids try toshow us that they have what is required to be in "la banda."on"la banda." we are about to listen tocalibre 50, but before, let's go with this.♪ >> i would like to talk to youfor a little bit. can you come here for a minute?what do you think about what the judges told you on sunday?don't feel like it is over. >> you are strong.>> sometimes you are afraid and you don't even realize it.i want to be more confident in what i am singing.when i am singing, what i am applying.i am still insecure on that. >> the important thing is thatyou convert that fear into passion.>> i am currently trying to learn my voice, applying newtechniques. i think that is why i have thesegreat teachers. if people said that i gaveeverything, they are wrong, because i am coming strong.>> zabdiel to his use -- de jesus.♪ [applause]laura: i felt like to vote for you, yourself, it is the next.because tonight, you gave so much.good job. congratulations.>> thank you. alejandro: zambia -- zabdiel, iheard today that the power someone could have is the powerto be happy. happiness.i want to give that power to you.ricky: well, i was super surprised.i felt like the audience felt a little bit of emptiness.but you keep on smiling, because you are are in tune, you are have to be there. continue forward.>> thank you. >> thank you so much.he wants to see you happy. i want to see you happy.the audience wants to see you happy.this is why. >> look who we are having rightnow. >> your brother?>> no, your father. >> where is carlos?>> he is coming. right from the carlos is coming here to give support to his son.[crying] what a beautiful moment, right?we want to talk to you, mr. carlos.i see you very emotional, very happy.what do you have to tell your son?>> i had to tell him that it is my pride.every time i see him, i say it is worth is worth it to fight for him and do everything we need forhim. >> say something for your dad.>> i love you so much and appreciate everything you do forme. you are my superhero.joe hunter -- johan petro -- johann vera.>> i have to sing this song that is a very melancholic song.that is boring for me. it stresses me, honestly,because i have tried that already.i have showed that already. now try something else with me.>> johann, i talked to him already.he does not have to give excuses.he has to give solutions. >> i want something that framesme. i want to sing and show thetalent that i have. it looks easy, but it is have to do things that are hard and i believe in him.he can do it. >> i want to take this veryseriously. it is a great opportunity for meand i know i can play with it. >> johann vera.♪ [applause]johann, i was watching the video and i think that a lotof people probably do not like that you want to say this iswhat i like, this is what i don't feel, and i agree withyou. sometimes, you do not feel thesong and you fight to not sing it.but even though, at the beginning of a career, this isgoing to happen a lot. i simply wish you the did a good job. there was just one moment whereyou were out of tune, but you did a good yourself. trust in the team.have confidence in the team that is working for you to performbetter. laura: ricky, all the times thathe is upset about the songs that he gets are for is a very hard style and you made this version your have to take this seriously. you are complaining about thesong that you are supposed to sing, saying that you do notlike it. alejandro: stop, stop, please.i want to say that you have performed a song that is veryhard and you did really good. do not be afraid.continue working hard. >> you did your best.>> thank you so much to the judges.we always welcome their advice. we are back live fromcoast to coast on "la banda." the next finalist, hispresentation is going to define his future.singing is yoandri cabrera. how is everything?>> i think that i did a really good job singing.>> why? >> because i was ok, but attimes, i was out of tune. >> i think that you can do ok,but you need to be aware of how many people are watching this.>> i have a song called "one last time" by ariana grande.the song is a very powerful song where you need a lot of either do it really good for you do it really bad.this sunday is the one that i either stay or i leave.if i sang this song badly, i do not think i am going to survive.>> yoandri cabrera. ♪[applause] alejandro: well, the laundry --yoandri, you were asking if you would stay or would be going.i want you to stay for a long time.ricky: that is my intention. when you are on stage, this iswhat we want. we are in love with thatyoandri. when you are in a group, you canlose it. laura: i think that even arianagrande would not have any words. this was great.>> nothing else to say. promisesto break the stage with his rhythm.and then we are going to listen to calibre 50.we continue here on "la banda."the last finalist tonight. for him, this support from hisfamily is what motivates him to grow and continue on.he is erick brian colon. ♪>> last week, i felt very comfortable.i really enjoyed the song. my sister, my mom, my dad drivefor hours every sunday to see me perform.[applause] >> hey, mom.>> how did it go? >> it was incredible.we are so proud of you. >> the song that icing in thelive shows is always thinking about my gives me a lot more motivation to continue working.>> you are only 14 years old and i am so surprised every time isee you, i just get super are like a real cuban. what a beautiful opportunity youhave right now to show the community that there arepossibilities. do you understand?>> i am really proud of my country and i will continue tofight in the name of cuba. >> erick brian colon.♪ [applause]laura: erick, don't you worry are so good. bravo.good job. >> thank you.alejandro: you always take a smile out of me.thank you so much and continue on.ricky: viva cuba! [applause][laughter] >> regional mexican music numberone in united states and mexico. winners of the youth awards,they are calibre 50. ♪[applause] >> a big round of applause tocalibre 50. , it is the judges' turn tochoose the four boys who will open next week's show and willalso get to enjoy a great experience from taco bell.laura: well, many of you have done a great is joel, zabdiel, erick brian, and the incredible voiceof johann -- yoandri. >> great.congratulations. this will be the band that willopen next week's show. come this way, week is the great semifinal of "la banda."live, we will have performing l uis coronel.remember to vote for your two weeks, even though you will want to cry because you donot want it to be over, it will be the final.only five will be part of the next youth band.remember, this is "la banda" and you have control.we will see you next sunday.this is "la banda."dahave a good night.

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