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Girl celebrates with poop themed birthday party

The little girl had only one theme in mind to celebrate turning three.
13 Abr 2017 – 3:43 PM EDT

Little Audrey of Missouri could have had a princess themed birthday or maybe a cartoon character themed party. Nope, she wanted a "poop emoji" birthday party.

Audrey's mother, Rebecca and told The Huffington Post: "For months, every time we mentioned her party, Audrey requested 'poop balloons and a poop cake.' I tried suggesting other themes but she always insisted on poop."

After they keep getting the run around that their daughter wanted a poop themed birthday, Audrey's parents gave in and gave her the party theme she wanted. The poop party was held at their place of residence in St. Louis. The birthday girl celebrated with poop themed activities such as: "pin the poop in the toilet" and a poop-emoji shaped piñata filled with tootsie rolls and other varieties of chocolate. There were treats in the shape of poop and her guests were amused by it all.

We hope that Audrey had a memorable third birthday party.

Girl celebrates poop emoji themed birthday

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