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Knight Rider series is in the works with David Hasselhoff

The classic show sees a potential reboot.
9 Ago 2017 – 4:47 PM EDT

65-year-old, David Hasselhoff just revealed plans to reboot the 80's classic show "Knight Rider." The show first began in 1982 and ran all the way until 1986.

There were many spinoffs from the original series such as "Knight Rider 2000" and "Team Knight Rider" in 1998. Also one more installment of a spin-off aired in 2008 starring Justin Bruening as Michael Knight which only lasted one season.

As far as K.I.T.T. - the super intelligent, self driving car returning, there is no word yet on which vehicle will be selected or who will be the voice. It was reported that David Hasselhoff is working with Director James Gunn who was on board with the idea of bringing back the series.

Hasselhoff told TMZ:

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