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Bill Murray is Thrilled That Chicago Cubs Won the World Series

Bill Murray might just be the happiest guy on the planet right now.
3 Nov 2016 – 5:27 PM EDT

It took the Chicago Cubs 108 years to win a World Series and no one could be more happier than Bill Murray. There's plenty of footage of Bill Murray taking in the celebratory win of this historic moment.

Bill Murray was drunk when he took over the interview with also a drunk Theo Epstien inside the locker room. Theo thought Bill needed a little champange to get things started.

It was kind of hard for Bill Murray to hold in the excitement.

Bill Murray gets a champagne shower inside the Cubs' locker room right after they win the World Series.

Bill Murray can't keep it together after the Cubs win.

According to Bill Murray, kids should have Thursday and Friday off.

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