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The Best New Books for Kids from Preschool to Middle School

24 Oct 2013 – 02:33 PM EDT

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Some of my earliest memories are of my parents sitting by my bed reading book after book to me until I fell asleep. In my town, a child was allowed to get her own library card as soon as she’d learned to write her name. Oh, how I wanted that card! I was eager to devour both old and new books for kids. I was the only child in my kindergarten class who had a library card.

My daughter is also a reader. Once she starts a book, it’s very difficult for her to stop until it’s finished. I’ve had to practically pry books out of her hands to get her to come to dinner or even to go out and play with her friends. We love visiting libraries and bookstores together.

Do your kids need some fresh reading material? Here are some of the best new books for kids of 2013 recommended by Bank Street College of Education.