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Negative Thoughts in Children: Help Your Child Break Free

9 Sep 2014 – 12:55 PM EDT

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Negative thoughts in children is a very common occurrence as they go through life’s many roller coaster experiences. There are usually a variety of outside influences that can contribute to negative feelings. Just like adults, it is easy for children to fall into negative thinking patterns and thought processes. They are brought on by experiences and learning from negative environments and other people caught in a negative spiral. A child may be surrounded by negativity at school, spoken to in a negative manner or they may become close with other kids who have a pessimistic way of looking at things. If you want to help your child break free from negative thinking, start placing more positive experiences and lessons in their path.

Teach Kindness at Home

If your child learns to be mean and negative at home, they may end up becoming a bully in the school yard. If you find your kids are always fighting with each other, teach them that this unacceptable behavior. The more they get away with smacking each other or calling each other names, the more their mood will remain negative. Stop the bullying and rudeness at home and teach your kids to be kind and loving to one another. A home that is filled with love and kindness provides a positive living environment. One with yelling and rage does not.

The Bright Side of Things

Sometimes children can fall into a downward spiral when they face difficult situations. They may grow scared, fearful and feel like there is no hope. Remind your child about the positive experiences that life has to offer such as love, friendships, play time, travel, tasty food and fun. Teach them about what is truly important such as family. Try to move them away from materialistic thoughts as kids who tend to think this way seem to get down in the dumps more when they do not get what they want. Remind your kids of what is truly important in life and offer them some hope by telling them that the negativity they feel today will not last forever and that the sun always shines after a storm.

Be a Positive Example and Focus on Strengths

Talking to your kids in a positive and inspirational way on a daily basis can greatly improve any dark days. While it is inevitable that every child will have bad days, the people they communicate with everyday play a big part in their future thoughts and feelings. Start the day by talking about feelings, thoughts and listen to what your kids have to say. Maybe everyone could mention something they are grateful for. Being positive around your kids and telling them about their amazing qualities and strengths on a daily basis can build your child’s confidence to a level where negativity has no place.

Negative thoughts in children won’t last forever and the sooner you can teach positive thinking methods to your kids, the best chance they will have when faced with some of life’s more difficult situations.