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How to Show Love to Your Children: 5 Tips

31 Ene 2015 – 02:50 PM EST

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We all say we love our children, but do we really know how to show love? These days, families are busier and more distracted than ever. There is always some screen nearby, a busy schedule to tend to and a long list of chores to get done. You can still make sure that your kids know how much you appreciate them and love them when you lead a busy lifestyle. Learn how to show love to your children so they always know they are treasured.

Actively Listen to Them

This doesn’t mean just nod yes and no in the car on the way home from school while they tell you about what happened in art class. Actively listening involves sitting with your child, facing them, making eye contact and truly engaging in what they have to say. Show interest, ask questions and listen with your sensitive heart as well. Even if you are busy, taking 15 minutes out of your crazy schedule can mean the world to them.

Spend Time with Them

This is definitely a winner when it comes to children. All kids really want is time from their parents. Put aside some time every day or week especially for them. Read, make a mural, play sports, go hiking and enjoy doing activities with them. Activities that involve team work are good choices. Even better, go camping for the weekend!

One on One Time

If you have more than one child, give them each your individual attention. Sometimes when there are more than one child in a family unit, some kids don’t get as much attention as others. It’s usually not intentional as there are certain age ranges that do require more attention. i.e. A newborn baby versus a 10 year old. But every child wants time with Mom or Dad and every child deserves one on one time so they feel individually appreciated.

Teach Them an Important Skill

Another way to show how much you love your child is by teaching them something new. Teach them a skill that you learned at their age or teach them something you learned recently. Kids actually enjoy learning even if they grunt and moan when you ask them to do their homework. When they are not forced, learning is enjoyed on so many levels and learning from the two most important people in their lives will do wonders.

Hug Your Children

Even if you were raised differently and your parents didn’t know how to show love, and even if your Mom or Dad didn’t offer you constant hugs or affection, hug your child. This includes both boys and girls as all kids require affection. Give your child the best form of love possible, unconditional love in the form of a great big soothing hug from Mom or Dad!