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Holiday Outfits & Suggestions For Boys

24 Dic 2014 – 11:31 AM EST

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Walking into clothing stores there is always a vast selection of girl clothes to choose from. For boys, holiday outfits can feel limited. The holidays often involve long days of travel, food, play and picture taking. But boys will boys, even on holidays. While it is a time for family, kids still want to feel comfortable. And parents don’t want to spend a fortune on an item for just one day. When thinking of holiday outfits for my 8-year old son, I tend to go with pieces that can be worn again.

I created a Pinterest Board dedicated to boys holiday outfits and clothing items that won’t break the bank. Here are some ideas to help you mix and match the pieces to create the perfect holiday outfit.

Festive/Graphic Tee’s with a Cardigan. Everyone is comfortable in a tee shirt and Old Navy has some cool ones with a festive twist. You can easily dress up a tee with a cardigan and a pair of dark denim jeans.

Button Down Shirt and Khakis/Cargo Pants. For special occasions, I like dressing my son in a button down shirt. I layer it with either a long or short sleeve tee shirt underneath and pair it with either cargo pants or khakis.

Jeans and a Blazer. A blazer, tee shirt and jeans is a classic look.

Feel free to skip the dress shoes. Any of these looks will look cool with a pair of dressy sneakers.

And if you’re staying home for the holidays – opt for festive pajamas. has an amazing collection for kids. If you get a family set or color coordinate it will make for a fun family photo.

So now that you have your holiday outfits – how do you keep your rambunctious boys in them?

Go for layers. The looks I suggested are all layered. By removing the most confining layers – the cardigan, the button down or blazer – you are leaving your kid to run around in a tee shirt and pants. He will be feel comfortable to play and you won’t worry about him ruining his clothes. When it’s time to take photos – simply put the layer back on.

Be prepared. Boys, especially young boys will get dirty. Carry a change of clothes just in case.

Let them choose. Boys are more likely to keep their clothes on and keep them clean if they feel good about what they are wearing. So give them a few options to choose from.