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Five Things Kids Need, but Really Don’t

27 Jun 2015 – 03:40 PM EDT

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There are just so many things that your kids need when you become a parent. There’s too much information and websites telling you that you must get the latest and greatest gadget, and when you do, your kid only ends up playing with the packaging that it came in. My wife and I were like that. Since we had no idea, we bought everything. Monitors, warmers, dehumidifiers, new bedding; you name it, it’s still sitting in our basement storage room unused. Kids need so much stuff, but do they really? He are some things that we found useless.

Bottle Warmers. Or a warmer for anything for that matter. I don’t think that we ever warmed up a bottle for one of our kids. I was always of the mindset that we should make things as easy as possible for ourselves. If a kid gets used to a warm bottle, then they are always going to want a warm bottle. If a kid only knows cold or room temperature bottles you will never have an issue when you are out somewhere without your bottle warmer. Same can be said for a wipe warmer.

High Chair. Aside from every high chair being ridiculously ugly with their fish or dolphin print on them, having to roll out a separate chair every time that our kid needed to be fed was just annoying. There was never any place to store it and it was always filthy. Instead get one that you can attach to one of your regular chairs.

Toddler Bed. I always get asked about toddler beds. It seems that when people’s kids are too big for their cribs anymore they automatically think buying a toddler bed is a way to ease their child into a grown up bed. Why go through that extra expense and extra step when you can just buy your kid a twin bed that they can use until they move out of your house? How much bigger is a twin bed than a toddler bed anyway?

Baby Monitor They are much more advanced nowadays than when my kids were babies, but they still seem to be so unnecessary. When a baby cries you go to it. Why do you need a monitor to tell you that your kid is crying? You have heard how loud they are right? Unless you are out of the house or you live in a mansion where the nursery is in a separate wing, chances are you can hear your baby crying. Buy a spy cam instead and let your kid know that they are under 24 hour video surveillance.

Anything less than a tablet. We bought our kids all those devices with those learning games that we just had to have. My kids were born before iPads came out so we couldn’t buy them a tablet. We had to get a Leapster, then a DS, then eventually we got tablets when they were released. The truth is nowadays you can just skip right to a tablet and don’t waste your money on all of those things leading up to them. They have all the games and the learning tools that you need. Spend your money on a good case instead so they don’t break it.

You could just buy your kid a cardboard box. Chances are they will gravitate towards that instead anyway.