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End of the School Year Gift Ideas For Kids

31 May 2014 – 10:57 PM EDT

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Your children have worked so hard in school all year. Really, think about it. They spend a good portion of their day in school only to come home to homework and chores. Throw in a hockey practice and dance class and these kids are beat by the end of the year. Here are a few ways you can show your appreciation for all of their hard work:

Dinner Out

I’m not talking about fast food, here. Treat them to a five star, five course meal for their end of the year treat. No siblings allowed. Spend the time between mouthfuls talking about how proud you are of their efforts this year. Even though, this isn’t a prize they can take home, they’ll likely remember it fondly and look forward to this special time every year. This works because you’re also treating yourself for getting through the school year. We all know that parents secretly despise homework as much the kids do.

Day Trip

Get out of town. You don’t have to go very far. Overnight stays are costly and hard to organize when you have a family but a day trip with a deserving kiddo can be as easy as pie. Spend some time researching where you’d like to go. They’ll love that part, too. Try not to influence their decision too much. Yes, visiting the coastal town for some lunch and shopping might be first on your list but deep sea fishing in the Bay might be first on his.


Seems impersonal, I know, but there really is no better gift for a child. The freedom to make a purchase without having to ask, beg or earn half can be exciting for kids. Let them walk around the toy store with some cash in their pocket and a smile on their face. The bonus: you’ll get a chance to see if they are just as free wielding with their money as they are with yours.

That Coveted Toy/Electronic

You’ve held off all year. You got through Christmas and a birthday and still haven’t caved. The price is too high and the item is not educational in the least. Give in, just this once. You’ll enjoy the look of shock on their face as much as they enjoy their new toy.

A Free Pass

Let them bow out. Let them give up. Just once. Give them a break from something that is really having its toll. Are piano lessons causing more strife than usual? Could they have a week or two off from mowing the lawn? How many times have we passed on an obligation because we needed the break? How good did it feel to stay in your pajamas and eat ice cream when you should have been at the school fundraiser? It’s okay to say no, once in a while.

However you celebrate the end of the year with your children, remember, that learning is a child’s work and their day is long and hard. Praise them for a good year of best efforts and enjoy a well deserved summer before we are at it again.