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Cooking with a Slowcooker and Kids!

25 Feb 2014 – 06:18 AM EST

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Cooking with your kids is a great way to spend some quality time together while introducing the basics of mathematics and science. Using a slowcooker to prepare family meals gives you all the benefits of cooking together without all the worries of an open flame. Check out these three kid-friendly recipes that are sure to please even the pickiest eaters!

A classic recipe that’s perfect for discussing nutrition with your kids! Depending on their age and ability, have them chop up the vegetables while you prepare the meat. If you’re staying away from meat or are vegetarian/vegan, you can always use a meat substitute or seitan. As you prepare this, talk with your kids about the importance of vegetables and fiber in their diet and how the most colorful foods are usually the healthiest for them (outside of artificial food dyes, of course!)

Recipes from all over the world have been converted to be made in a slowcooker and are a great way to talk about expanding world views with your children! These enchiladas are easy to make and can provide a fun tactile experience if you let your kids mash the beans with their hands. Have your kids research fun facts about Mexico to share at the dinner table while everyone enjoys the enchiladas!

Slowcookers aren’t just for stews and soups. Your kids will love this homemade applesauce and the fact that they got to help make it! Depending on their ages and abilities, allow your children to chop up all the apples and measure out the ingredients. One of the great things about cooking with your kids is that even the youngest of children can begin to understand math and fractions when they have practical examples in front of them.

I hope you enjoy preparing these recipes with your kids! Cooking with kids can require a little more time and patience, but the time spent together is absolutely priceless. What are some other hints you have for including kids in the kitchen?