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5 Summer Party Ideas

25 Jun 2014 – 02:53 PM EDT

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Summer is a great time to throw a party for your child – and it doesn’t even need to be their birthday. We have some great summer party ideas for you. The weather is great, which means cheap, easy outdoor entertainment.

Wet and Wild

Break out the garden hoses and sprinklers. Lay down the slip n’ slide. Borrow kiddie pools and fill them up around the yard. Put out lots of buckets for filling and dumping. Let the kids soak sponges then squeeze out the water over heads or use them for a game of toss. Enlist a few other adults as “life guards.”

Farmer’s Market

Give older kids each five dollars and take them to the local farmer’s market. Encourage them to purchase something they’ve never tried before with their cash. Head to the park (or back to your place) to share the bounty.

Bring the taste test to your backyard for smaller children. Purchase a variety of produce and other goodies. Allow the kids to take turns playing farmer, cashier and shopper. Then slice up the feast for sampling.

Fairy Hunt

Give each child a shoebox and instruct them to turn it into a shelter for fairies using items they find in nature (flowers, leaves, sticks, rocks, etc.). Let each child create a sweet fairy treat by spreading icing on a graham cracker square and topping it with sprinkles, cookie crumbs or cereal. The children should put the treat in their house and find a nice spot for it in the yard. Take the children on a walk around the neighborhood to call out to the fairies, letting them know they are welcome at your place. Meanwhile, have another adult (or older sibling) snatch all of the treats out of the boxes so it appears the fairies have already come when the children return.

Pool Party

It wouldn’t be a complete list of summer activities without mentioning a pool party! If you don’t have a pool of your own, host it at a community pool. All you need is some pool toys, sunscreen and adults to help you keep an eye on all the swimmers.

Backyard Barbecue

There isn’t much better than an old fashioned summer barbeque. Invite the families of your children’s friends. Grill up some hot dogs and burgers. Put out balls, jump ropes, hula hoops and bubbles for the kids and let them do what kids do best – play.

The other parents will be singing your praises for getting their kid out of the house and ending the “I’m bored” manta. Your own kids will think you’re a rock star and feel loved by your efforts. It’s a winning situation!

What are your favorite summer party ideas?