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5 Easy Homemade Halloween Costumes

17 Oct 2014 – 04:43 PM EDT

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Halloween can be an expensive time of year for any of us. Sandwiched between the ‘back to school’ rush and the holidays, Halloween usually has us working with a pretty tight budget. Throw in expensive store bought Halloween costumes and bags of treats and your budget is all but blown. Take it easier on your wallet this year and surprise your kids with homemade Halloween costumes that will have all of their friends talking.

Kids love candy. What kid wouldn’t be thrilled to walk around dressed as their favorite sweet treat? Find a large cardboard box (grocery stores are usually happy to give these away) and cut holes for your little one’s arms and head to pop through. Choose the preferred candy and help your child use their inner artist to paint the box to look like the packaging of their preferred candy. As much as you might want to, try not to help out too much. Your kids might surprise you and let’s face it, kid art is awesome.

It might seem like a traditional choice to you but your kids will have been so overwhelmed with superheros and princesses that a cowboy costume might be the original idea they are looking for. Find an old pair of jeans and a plaid shirt in the closet. Pair them with a cowboy hat from a second hand store and a banana tied around the next and your cow person is born.

Easily one of the most recognizable characters of recent years, Harry Potter makes for an excellent, clever and easy costume choice. Dark rimmed glasses, a long black robe and a strategically placed lightning shaped scar on your child’s forehead will get you started. Round out this costume with a twig for a wand and a maroon colored scarf to represent Gryffindor (his school dorm) and your little wizard will be all casting spells before you know it.

One of the cutest and easier costumes by far is the bank robber. Black pants, a black and white striped shirt and a toque are the base for this costume. Add a homemade black felt eye mask and a bag of loot (A sac with dollar signs drawn all over it) and you’ll be breaking the imaginary law in no time. Throw your baby (if you have one) into the loot sac and their costume will be ready made.

Want to be colorful, witty and hilarious? Try the crayon costume. Choose a color and coordinate your pants, shirt, socks and shoes. If you have long hair, tease it to a point and spray it the same color. If your hair is short, create a cone hat of the same color using poster board. Whip up a quick crayon logo using construction paper and tape it to your chest. You might even want to get cheeky with the name of the color. How about Blood red, Midnight Black or Mummy White?

Costumes are meant to be playful and getting hung up on purchasing an over priced store bought costume can really take the fun out of Halloween. Show them what you’ve got this year with one of these homemade Halloween costumes.