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Make a Healthy Easter Basket for Your Baby

As a new parent I want to make sure that my little family comes to love Easter as much as I did, and still do
2 Abr 2015 – 01:23 PM EDT

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  • As a little girl I loved Easter. I have wonderful memories of sitting at my parents kitchen table coloring eggs to fill my easter basket each year. My parents would hide them around our house and I loved looking for them each Easter morning. As a new parent I want to make sure that my little family comes to love Easter as much as I did, and still do.

    My 9-month-old son is too young to color eggs, but I am excited to put together an easter basket for him. I’m willing to bet that he will most likely enjoy the wrapping paper and cards more than what’s inside his basket, but this mama wants to create tradition!

    Here are my creative ideas to spread Easter cheer with your little ones.

    My son loves to tackle his stuffed animals. When he sees them his chunky legs start to wiggle and he climbs on them like a football player. I’m going to pick up a Jellycat bunny for his easter basket – I know that he will love to have a new animal to “cuddle.” Plus, they’re machine washable which is a must in our home.

  • Once your little one has learned to chew you can add their favorite snack to a few eggs. Since my son puts everything in his mouth I did a little research and found eco-friendly eggs that are safe for babies and yound children. I’m planning to add some cheerios and puffs to these.
  • Bubbles! Since Spring is around the corner I picked up some bubbles to entertain my son outside.
  • A soft book about Easter. My son will rip pages right out of books, so for now we stick to soft books that he can get his hands all over. Bonus if they can go in the tub!
  • I’m going to make my family whole-wheat bunny pancakes for breakfast. I’ll use slices of cantaloupe for ears, banana circles for eyes, a blueberry for a nose, and an apple slice for a mouth. I never make cute breakfasts like this, but I think it will be a fun way to teach my son about healthy eating. I’ll be sure to take a picture before he takes my bunny creation apart and offers it to our cat.

If these ideas are things your baby has already received, check out this awesome article with 101 ideas for baby’s first Easter.I think damn, this mom is way more creative than I will ever be.