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Homemade Baby Food or DIY Beauty Treatment? Why Not Both?

7 Abr 2014 – 01:23 PM EDT

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Homemade baby food is easy to make and especially nutritious for your little one. Simply puree fresh fruits and veggies. Much more affordable than the jarred stuff, plus you know exactly how it’s produced. Baby probably thinks it tastes much better than the mass produced stuff, too.

Did you know you can treat yourself at the same time? The same purees you’re whipping up for your sweetie pie aren’t just full of vitamins, minerals and antioxidants that are great for them. The same produce concoctions work wonders on the skin, too.

Here are five baby foods that double as DIY beauty treatments.


Babies love mashed bananas. It also makes a great cleanser. Add a bit of honey, which is a natural astringent if you have blemishes. Put it on your face and neck, then wash after twenty minutes.


Steam peeled carrots, let cool and then puree for your child. Add honey to your portion – about a tablespoon per carrot. Apply to face as a mask for ten minutes and then rinse off with cold water. The vitamins A and C in carrots moisturize and repair skin tissue.


Avocado is full of healthy fats that are great for growing children, as well as Mama’s face. Mash up a ripe fruit. Apply to your skin as a moisturizer. Wash off after fifteen minutes. Use on your face and any other dry areas.


Pears are a natural remedy for blemishes and redness. They are great for soothing sunburns or wind damage. Peel and chop (removing core) a very ripe pear. Puree it. Put baby’s serving aside and add a tablespoon of honey, which also acts as an antiseptic to heal skin, to your portion. Apply to face. Rinse off after twenty minutes.


Most pediatricians give the okay for babies to eat yogurt around six months. This is a great ingredient for skin care. The lactic acid in it is great for refining pores, cleansing skin and moisturizing. Make a scrub for dull skin with a tablespoon of plain yogurt, a tablespoon of honey, two tablespoons of finely ground almonds and 1/2 a teaspoon of lemon juice. Rub on skin and rinse off.

Babies shouldn’t eat nuts or honey, so separate their portion before adding these ingredients. These homemade baby food recipes will give you a happy, well-fed cutie and glowing skin for yourself. Now that’s multi-tasking, Mama!