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Helping Your Baby Cope While Teething

10 Mar 2015 – 02:11 PM EDT

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My son turned eight months old today. All the milestones that he’s reached over the months – laughing, rolling over, sitting up, and now crawling, seem quite nostalgic. These milestones have been so much fun, but one developmental challenge has been really tough — teething.

If I shared with you how long my son has been teething it would be a total guess. He has been in sporadic pain for the past three to four months. Although, according to my pediatrician, it only takes several days to break a tooth. Insert huge sigh here. I can’t tell you how many times I thought about calling her in the middle of the night and blurting out, why did you say this would only last a few days?

Well, four months later my son has two bottom teeth that are absolutely adorable. But the poor guy has had to endure so much discomfort to get these chompers. On the flip side, I have friends whose children wake up pain-free one morning with a new tooth. It certainly has taught me that every child is different and handles teething in their own way. As my husband and I continue to soothe our son (he’s working on tooth number three) we have desperately Googled and sought advice from lots of parents. I hope that some of the below methods can help you when you’re feeling like your little one is having a tough time.

  • Once your child is at least six months old they should be able to have Motrin. We try not to give him Motrin unless he’s really uncomfortable, but it definitely helps settle him down during the night. Your pediatrician can give you an exact dose based on weight.
  • Wet washcloths. This is by far our go to solution. I run cold water on a section, wrap my finger around it and let him suck away. It gives him instant relief almost instantly. You can even try leaving one in his crib if he wakes up in pain during the night.
  • Camilia teething drops. My aunt recommend these and they are wonderful. They are an all natural alternative and my son gets excited when he sees them because they taste great. They’re completely natural, preservative-free, and seem to calm him down when he’s having a tough bout.
  • Teething toys are something that I have a love/hate relationship with. Some seem to help and others seem like a total waste of money. Here are the ones that my son really enjoys.
    • Sophie the Giraffe . Yes she’s expensive, but she’s worth every damn penny.
    • Pacifiers – this may seem a bit unconventional, but my son loves to chew on them. He doesn’t actually suck on them, but it soothes him gums. Any brand seems to do the trick.
    • My knuckes. They’re free and always available. I highly recommend trying a gum massage with your fingers. I gently rub my clean fingers across his gums and let him bite down. This does get a little tricky once they have a few teeth.

    I hope that one of these methods may help ease your child’s pain. When my son rejects pretty much everything from my bag of goodies I give him extra cuddles and hope that the tough moments will soon pass. And once he finally falls asleep I make sure to enjoy a glass of wine with dinner.