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Expecting Your First Baby? Here are 16 Things You and Your Baby Can Live Without

27 Jul 2015 – 06:33 PM EDT

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You’re expecting your first baby! And if you’re anything like me, you’ve been going through baby items online, as well as walking up and down the aisles in the baby store with a full heart and tears rolling down your face. Aren’t baby stuff just the cutest?! Well, before you register or splurge on anything, here are some things you and your beautiful bundle of joy can definitely live without.

1. Wipe Warmer

I observed my friends who used this when I was pregnant. Sure, baby looked cozy at home, but when out and about, you can bet the child threw a fit every single time he was being changed. So unless you’re planning to haul this with you wherever you go, you can skip it.

2. Special “Baby” Detergent

Having a baby means you’ll be doing a lot of laundry. Instead, opt for a “free and clear” detergent with no perfumes and dyes to irritate baby’s skin.

3. Baby Timers

Yes, it’s your first baby, but you don’t need to spend $30 on a timer when you can keep track of everything with paper and pen. If you prefer using technology, apps like Total Baby and Baby Connect will do the same for much less!

4. High Chair

If space is limited, a good alternative is a clip-on high chair that clamps to the side of a table or counter, or a secured booster seat that attaches to a chair like the Fisher-Price Deluxe Booster Seat.

5. Baby Food Processor

Do you have a blender at home? If you do, congratulations! You already have a baby food processor!

6. Diaper Bag

Do you have a backpack or a messenger bag? Yes? Then congratulations again! You already have a diaper bag!

7. Shoes for Your Newborn

They’re cute, but newborns can’t walk. So until then, these are simply adorable props that you really don’t have to spend money on.

8. Expensive Baby Clothes

Babies grow out of their clothes so fast! I’m convinced my baby was growing out of his $5 onesies as I was changing him!

9. Pee Pee Teepees

Dropping a wipe on your baby’s pee pee is just as effective! Your boy won’t miss it, I promise. My son is now 14 and not once has he said, “If only you’ve used the Pee Pee Teepees for me, I would’ve had a much easier time reaching my highest potential.”

10. Bath Thermometer

Feeling the water temperature with your hand is just as effective. And free!

11. Bottle Warmer

You can buy one of these, or warm your baby’s bottle in a bowl of hot tap water.

12. Boogie Wipes

A warm towel or baby wipe will clean up the mess just as well.

13. Diaper Stacker

Arranging baby’s diapers in a drawer or a cute basket serves the same purpose.

14. Fancy Stroller

I’ve witnessed parents fumble in frustration, trying to collapse their super gadget stroller with 1,000 buttons and a phone charger, in the store parking lot. A simple and safe stroller will do the job – and spare you the unnecessary grief!

15. Diaper Genie

If you toss out your garbage every day, you really don’t need one. Note: As much as I’ve seen parents dismiss this product, I know I swore by it. My sense of smell was heightened to ridiculous levels when I became pregnant up until my son was 6 months old! The diaper Genie sealed in the poop/pee pee odor sparing me from feeling nauseated until the trash was taken out.

16. Formula Mixer

Shaking a baby bottle for a few seconds won’t cost you $150 like this doodad will!