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Easter Crafts for Babies & Toddlers

24 Mar 2015 – 05:50 PM EDT

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Each year as spring arrives New Englanders excitedly pack up their snow gear in exchange for sandals and shorts. After an epic battle with snow this year this mama is really looking forward to a change of weather. It may be a cold start, but it’s our first Easter as a family of three and we’re excited to create Easter crafts. I’ve put together a list of craft ideas for both babies and young children. I hope it inspires you!

Easter Crafts and Activities for Babies

Now, I do think that my 9-month-old son is perfect (what mother doesn’t?), but I acknowledge that he’s not exactly old enough to color eggs. Here are some cute ideas that parents can enjoy with babies.

  • Place rice, beads or marbles inside toy eggs. Make sure to securely seal the eggs and then let your child explore the noises. My son loves to shake toys, so this is a total hit. If you’re looking for an eco-friendly option check out eco eggs.
  • You can order a few festive books to teach your child about Easter. Since my little guy loves to rip pages I’ve found that soft books are the most practical. A few of my personal favorites are: Pat the Bunny, Guess How Much I Love You and Runaway Bunny.
  • Most shows for babies have an episode dedicated to each holiday. My son loves Curious George and he has already watched a few spring themed episodes. PBS is a total lifesaver in our home.

Easter Crafts for Toddlers

  • Pick up a packet of pastel colored construction paper and kid-friendly paint. Your child can finger paint their very own Picasso. Once the painting is done you can cut out an easter shape like a bunny, carrot, or egg. You can even frame the art and display it in your child’s room. Each holiday you can swap the art.
  • Go to your local craft store and grab several pieces of felt. Have your child cut out a bunch of egg shapes. If your child is too young for scissors, go ahead and cut the shapes for them. Then place a hole in each egg and string ribbon to make custom garland. This is a fun homemade touch to put in your kids bedroom or across your mantel. I was inspired by Pottery Barn and Pinterest , but let’s not kid each other, my garland will not look like this, and that’s just fine.
  • Recycle an egg carton and use it as a planter. You can place soil in each egg holder and seed the soil with an indoor-friendly plant. Your child will love watching it grow!

I hope that these ideas inspire your kiddos to embrace their creativity. And I really hope it’s at least 50 degrees this Easter.