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Baby Poop: The Art of Dealing With a Blowout

24 Feb 2015 – 12:21 PM EST

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The word blowout used to make me think of indulgent Saturday mornings spent at my posh salon in Boston. I’d wake up early and head down to Newbury Street, sip on my latte and get my hair done — one of my favorite pastimes. Now the word blowout makes me think, oh crap, literally. Baby poop has become a big part of my life, and blowouts at the salon seem few and far.

I’ll never forget the first time I experienced A’s very first blowout. The good part was that I was home, the not so good part was that I was alone. I thought that he had done his thing just like any other day, but when I picked him up and saw baby poop had lovingly made it’s way through two onesies I knew I was in for a challenge. I kid you not….there was baby poop on his back, shoulders, and neck. All I kept thinking was that I needed more hands! Amazon actually sells a “blowout blocker” that extends the diaper up the back. No, I’m not kidding!

The more blowouts I change, the better I become at keeping everyone clean. It’s like prepping for a big meeting and nailing your presentation, except that your boss is a seven-month-old and all you may get is a smile of approval.

Here are my tips and tricks for dealing with blowouts:

  • The beautiful monogrammed changing pad cover you registered for has to hide when a blowout strikes. Place your baby on a waterproof changing pad — then you can easily wipe it down after.
  • Clear your changing table if you have a kicker. My son loves to kick his legs so I make sure to remove all toys, blankets, and anything else laying around.
  • Keep a stash of plastic or Ziploc bags. You can place dirty clothes in here to wash later. This really helps me when my son is fussing and I don’t have time to rinse his clothes right away. You can even add a dab of detergent to the bag.
  • Always have extra wipes nearby. If you run out it gets ugly.
  • Make sure you take off onesies so that the dirty section stays away from their face. It helps if you place your hand on their back while you remove the onesie over their head.
  • Take an impromptu bath. If it’s bath day you might as well bathe them while their dirty.
  • If you’re out when your child has a blowout I recommend going home if it’s a quick drive. You can place a burp cloth or small towel in the car seat to protect the upholstery. If that’s not an option, keep a bag in your car with the following:
    • a change of clothes for mom and baby
    • wipes and blankets (If your baby wears clothes diapers check out what Julia, blogger at The Cloth Diaper Geek, has to say)
    • 5 or more diapers
    • Ziploc bags

Even though blowouts are gross, my little guy has no idea what he’s done. I make sure to keep things fun and let him know that he’s going to get all cleaned up in no time. I on the other hand may suffer at his expense. I’ll never forget the day I looked at myself in the mirror after cleaning A and saw baby poop on my neck. I had a hard time smiling when I saw that. I wish you luck!