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Baby Friendly Spring Activities

20 Abr 2015 – 03:41 PM EDT

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My 9-month-old son, Alexander became mobile on Valentine’s Day during a freezing cold winter in New England. Not exactly the best timing, but my husband and I had been encouraging him for a few weeks so we made quite a big deal when it happened. Once he perfected his crawl he began pulling up on everything. And I mean everything, from the TV stand to the kitchen chair rails. Needless to say, I am very excited that warmer weather is here and that we can finally begin to enjoy outdoor spring activities.

So what’s a SAHM to do with a little boy who wants to climb on anything he can find? I’ve put together a list of fun outdoor spring activities that both me and my son will enjoy.

  • Take your Pack ‘N Play outside on your deck. You can put a fitted sheet over the top to shield your child from the sun.Add a few of your child’s favorite toys and he should be entertained for 15-20 minutes. I also put sunscreen on Alex, and if it’s too hot we skip this activity. You can use this time to water plants, enjoy a cup of coffee, or just read a magazine. I love to bring my HGTV magazine outside and sip on a cup of iced tea.
  • Explore your local parks. Our town has several great outdoor play spaces. I’ve found that libraries and elementary schools rarely disappoint us. It’s a good idea to go to a school park during non-school hours so it isn’t over-crowded. We also just moved to a new town and I’ve been able to meet other parents who have children that are close to Alexander’s age.
  • Exercise. This is a big one for me and my son. When he goes outside he instantly calms down and loves to take everything in. I’m a big runner so I’ve splurged on a baby jogger. I actually prefer the jogger to his regular stroller and I love that I can get a workout in. Many towns have local strollers groups where you can join and workout with other parents.
  • Sensory activites. Since babies love to touch things it’s a fun idea to put your baby on the grass and let them explore. You’ll need to keep a close eye on them, but they should enjoy pulling the grass. Be prepared to tell them not to eat the grass! You can also let your child watch the trees blow when there’s a nice breeze. The sound will be sure to intrigue and delight them. Even better – if you live near the beach let them put there toes in the water.
  • When Alex sees water he kicks in pure excitement. If he could jump into his bath at night he would. I’m going to get a small pool and add a few inches of water and toys. I can’t wait to see his reaction! I’ve also picked up a few bottles of bubbles to play with.

I’m willing to bet you a glass of wine that once you get outside with your babe you will instantly feel your mood lift. I’ve really enjoyed the fresh air and exercise that I’d been craving for months! Now, if you live in a place like California that’s just not fair.
Happy Spring!