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San Antonio experiences a high demand in fuel

Labor Day weekend is starting off with a shortage of gas in the metropolitan area due to high demand.
31 Ago 2017 – 5:35 PM EDT

According to reports, people are headed towards the gas station to fill up their tanks due to fear of running out of gas. The Texas Railroad Commission chairwoman Christi Craddick tells us differently.

In a Tweet that was sent out on August 28th saying: "Texans - Pls (Please) stay calm and DO NOT perpetuate rumors. There is currently NO shortage of gasoline in Texas due to #Harvey. These are rumors."

The Texas Railroad Commission regulates oil and gas as well as gas utilities, pipelines, coal and uranium mining in the state.

There are only 25 percent of refineries offline at the moment from the storm because either the plants are inaccessible or flooded. Tom Kloza, who is the head of the energy analysts at Oil Price Information Service says that the worse case scenario would be a 40 to 60 cent spike on per gallon of fuel at the pump.

Social Media spreads panic and paranoia regarding the gas availability.

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