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Latin America

Univision wins journalism's Hillman Prize for Central America refugees project

The award is given to excellence in investigative journalism and in-depth stories since 1950. 'From migrants to refugees: the new Central American drama' is a joint project with the El Faro portal in El Salvador.
26 Abr 2018 – 07:43 PM EDT
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'From Migrants to Refugees: the New Central American Drama', is a four part muli-media series addressing the experience of the victims of violence and their search for security.

The collaborative journalism project was conducted by Univision News with El Faro, a digital newspaper in El Salvador. The prize was awarded for "web journalism."

Since 1950, the Sidney Hillman Foundation honors "the work of journalists who pursue research and in-depth stories," according to its bylaws.

'From Migrants to Refugees' has also been recognized in three categories of the awards of the National Association of Press Photographers (NPPA), in the multimedia category.

It has been a good year for Univision's journalism team, which during the first four months of 2018 has already received eight prestigious national and international awards for its excellence in digital journalism. Among them, one of the most important journalism awards in Spanish in the world, the Ortega y Gasset Prize for Journalism 2018, awarded in the category of Best Multimedia Coverage for the original podcast "Mejor Vete, Cristina", which debuted in September 2017 The seven-episode podcast tells the exciting story of Cristina Martínez, a Mexican chef whose extraordinary talent has made her a star of the culinary world despite her status as an undocumented immigrant. This is the third Ortega y Gasset award for Univision Noticias.

Univision Noticias has competed in different categories with some of the most respected media in the world - such as The New York Times, The Washington Post, The Chicago Tribune, The Guardian, Financial Times - and won recognition as the Society of Design in News (SND, for its acronym in English); the Foreign Press Club of the United States; and the organization Reporters and Investigative Editors (IRE, for its acronym in English).

"We could not be more proud of the Univision Digital News team because of the quality of the work they do day in and day out," said Daniel Coronell, president of Univision Noticias. "These important national and international awards not only confirm the journalistic excellence of the team, but also help broaden the scope of reports on relevant issues that impact our main audience, the Hispanic community in the United States. I congratulate all the talented people who worked on the winning pieces, "he added.

"Receiving a third Ortega y Gasset award and seven other prestigious awards in such a short time is a huge achievement," added Borja Echevarría, vice president and editor in chief of Univision Noticias Digital. "The fact that Univision Noticias is competing with the best of world journalism - and winning - is very rewarding and fuels our commitment to continue informing our community with the highest journalistic integrity and focused on innovation," he said.